September 05, 2019

IKEA: Where fragile relationships go to die.

Boredwalk A Free Press Is An American Value Shirt

Well, the sentiment captured in our new A Free Press Is An American Value design has never been more true than right now, what with our idiot President making false claims about weather, climate change, immigration, background checks for gun sales, global trade, and myriad other weighty topics that actually impact peoples' lives. Is the press infallible? Of course not; no one is (except, presumably, Mr. Rogers.) But in the face of the alternative, I'll take the mainstream media all day long. If you're a journalist or work in a journalism-adjacent capacity, we salute you!

We also hope you had a fun, relaxing Labor Day weekend. Hopefully you spent it doing something fulfilling and squeezed in a teensy bit of reflection on the importance of laborers of all stripes and the critical role that the labor rights movement and unions have played in improving the quality of life for ALL Americans over the last 243 years, regardless of whether you're a union member or not. Chances are you know more than a few people who are. If you're ever curious as to what labor unions do and how they make a difference in your community, ask one of those folks; I bet it'll be an illuminating conversation!

On the other end of the conversational spectrum, we have a new podcast episode for your listening pleasure! This week Meredith and I talk about our Labor Day weekend adventures dodging grocery store scammers, escaping the clutches of a deranged Lyft driver, politely deflecting unsolicited business advice from strangers on the internet, and discuss the similarities between casinos and IKEAs (hint: they both qualify as circles of Hell.) Enjoy!

We'll be back next week with more new designs, another new podcast episode, a fresh Boredwalk Community Spotlight Q&A, and more dubious social commentary! Until then...

Peace, love, and press freedom,