May 06, 2022

😋 In a world where you can eat anything today...


Happy National Empanada Day! Honestly, though — empanadas, pasties, pierogi, samosas, spanakopita, whatever — just put tasty fillings into pastry dough and put the resulting golden brown deliciousness in my food hole. 

In fact, since today is also Major League Baseball Opening Day (for those of us who have to work on Thursdays), I can't think of a better alternative to traditional ballpark fare than a freshly baked* empanada. A welcome change of pace from the usual soggy hotdog! (I still love hotdogs, don't worry.)

* Sure, you can fry them, too, but I am trying to live to see the Baltimore Orioles win another World Series. Hey, it could happen!**

** But it probably won't.

Football empanadas GIF

Yeah, I know. They're football-shaped empanadas. This GIF right here is the story of every baseball fan's life. Wait your turn, oafs! Fall will be here again soon enough.


Now let's have some birthday ice cream served in a miniature batting helmet for some April 8th babes of yesteryear:

• Belgian songwriter & composer Jacques Brel, born this day in 1929! Monsieur Brel's theatrical work was very influential on many more famous musicians, with English-language versions of his songs recorded and/or performed by luminaries like Nina Simone, Frank Sinatra, Scott Walker, David Bowie, John Denver, Ray Charles, Shirley Bassey, Judy Collins, and many others.

• Illustrator Trina Schart Hyman, born this day in 1939! Ms Hyman's visually rich, ornate art work was heavily inspired by the Art Nouveau movement, and honestly, she was just as much of an inspiration for me wanting to make art as a kid as any comic book artist was. She won the 1985 Caldecott Medal for her illustration work in Margaret Hodges' retelling of the fairy tale Saint George and the Dragon

• Guitarist Steve Howe of the prog rock band Yes, born this day in 1947! I hope his celebration lasts as long as Tales from Topographic Oceans and Relayer played back-to-back. (Not really. Dude is 75, so he probably won't live long enough to make it through both!)

• Guitarist Izzy Stradlin of Guns n' Roses, born this day in 1962! I hope no one crashes headlong into his birthday cake.

• Rapper, DJ, producer, and all-around hip-hop legend Biz Markie, born this day in 1964! He's no longer rhyming on this mortal coil (RIP, Biz), but I hope wherever he is, he's got what he needs.

• Actress and director Robin Wright, born this day in 1966! Ms Wright is probably best-known for portraying Princess Buttercup in the film adaptation of The Princess Bride, but let's not forget she was also the object of Forrest Gump's affection and (eventually) POTUS on Netflix's House of Cards. If you cross paths with her today, remember that the only answer to whatever she asks is "as you wish."

• Guitarist (and Oxford comma enthusiast) Ezra Koenig, born this day in 1984! Mr. Koenig is the guitarist, lead vocalist, and primary songwriter of indie rock band Vampire Weekend. He gives a f$%k about the Oxford comma, so he's a-OK in my book!

• Finally — and fittingly, given this weekend's new tee designs — happy birthday to everyone's favorite feminist avenger, actress Emma Caulfield, born this day in 1973! Ms Caulfield first appeared on-screen as one of Brandon Walsh's many girlfriends on Beverly Hills 90210 (yawn), but to me she will forever be Anya the vengeance demon from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She was also really good in 2009 sci-fi rom-com Timer, though.


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Until next time...

Peace, love, and tasty empanadas of vengeance,