Kick out the gloom, Kick out the blues
April 02, 2020

Kick out the gloom, Kick out the blues

Based on feedback from our subscribers, we can confidently say we send out amusing emails. Other brands might just send you product photos and say "buy stuff" but here at Boredwalk amusing you is job #1.

Because everything is terrible everywhere right now, we recently added a new weekly email to our regular email content and it's entirely focused on trying to make you smile and it comes out every Wednesday. Below is a round up of what we shared this week. If you like this join our email list. You can find the email sign up at the bottom of this page on the right (scroll all the way down to the footer).

1. Comedian Neel Nanda's new half-hour set.

(Note: Neel is very funny, but he also has an affinity for the odd four-letter word. Headphones up if your pious granny is in the room...but also, chill out, granny.)

Neel has been a friend of ours since Meredith and I first arrived in Los Angeles. He is extremely funny and wholly dedicated to the craft of telling jokes. It's been a blast getting to see his material evolve over the last several years and watch him grow into a superb stage performer. Netflix, give this man an hour! In the meantime, you can get your LOLs free of charge on YouTube, just click the link above.

2. Cats & Dominoes.

If you haven't seen this since it was first posted to YouTube a couple weeks ago, the title pretty much says it all. Two cats, countless dominoes, three and a half minutes of feline befuddlement. You're welcome!

3. Dolly Parton has come to save us all (and read us a bedtime story).

Famed songwriter and general righter of wrongs Dolly Parton is here to help us all get to sleep. Starting April 2nd โ€” hey, that's tomorrow! โ€” at 7:00PM and continuing for the next ten weeks, Ms. Dolly will be reading bedtime stories to help kids feel a little safer during all this craziness.

4. More koalas than you can shake a eucalyptus stick at.

The folks at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary have blessed us all with an embarrassment of riches in the form of multiple livestreams from the koala habitat they maintain. Koalas, who are generally pretty sedentary creatures, don't tend to be very active. If you're in the mood for more movement, though, just keep scrolling to the dingo tracker feeds!

5. Goats have overrun this Welsh seaside town, and it's adorable.

Chances are that if you ventured outside over the last couple weeks you've noticed a change in nature. Bluer skies, cleaner air, and loads of wildlife emerging from hiding to assert its newfound dominance. We've noticed it here in SoCal with wild peacocks and coyotes flourishing in the streets, and our buddies in the UK are experiencing a similar re-wilding of their environment. A herd of 122 Kashmiri goats have descended on the small seaside town of Llandudno, Wales and are taking advantage of the empty town center streets for their daily cavortings. Good on them!