September 27, 2018

Long Lost Family? Boredwalk Chats with Comic Laura House About Finding Her Humans


Laura House is hands-down one of the funniest people we know. We initially discovered her when we moved to Los Angeles and saw her do stand up. We were so taken with her comedy that we followed her performances around town and kept introducing ourselves until we became friends — you know, a totally normal, not at all creepy way to meet people.

You may know Laura from her days on MTV's Austin Stories or you may have enjoyed some TV shows she's written for, such as Loosely Exactly Nicole, Mom, or Samantha Who? Or maybe you haven't seen any of that and you've just discovered Laura via the How to Hate Yourself clip we just shared above. Welcome to the Laura House Fan Club, you lucky so-and-so!

Laura has always been curious about her birth family. As an adopted kid, Laura lamented that she'd never met people who shared her blood or looked like her. She wondered what her birth family was like and tried for years to find them. Recently that wish came true with the help of a DNA matching website.

Listen to today's podcast to hear Laura tell us the story of meeting her birth family and wading through a sea of cousins to do it. We also chat about other assorted topics such as road rage and the relationship between comedy and horror. If you enjoy today's episode be sure to visit Laura's website. You'll find comedy clips and a link to buy her album — it's great you should get it!

We also share a super-secret discount code in the episode itself. It's a pretty sweet deal, but you DO have to listen to the episode to get it. Sorry, gang. If it's any consolation, the intro is pretty brief before we let Laura do her thing. Enjoy!

Peace, love, and tacos,