August 08, 2019

Look sharp, jazz cats!

Boredwalk Smoke Weed Listen To Jazz Shirt

Whew! We made it, folks. Another week in the books. Thank goodness it's Friday, amirite? Time to sit back, relax, throw on some Ornette Coleman, and roast that bone. At least that's how I plan to spend the weekend. Luckily I designed the perfect new shirt for such an endeavor!

And if your stuffy parents get all high and mighty about reefer being the Devil's lettuce, just gently remind them that cannabis and jazz go together about as seamlessly as cats and napping. Cab Calloway wrote a song called 'Reefer Man', after all, and national treasure Louis Armstrong's epic appetite for the sticky icky is well-documented. Maybe your folks should try not being so square.

As much as cannabis and jazz complement each other, you know what doesn't? Grapefruit-flavored rosé wine. I know, right? Utterly disgusting. Meredith and I delve into that in this week's podcast intro. We also welcome a new team member, share some reviews (including our very first review of the podcast!), shame some inept vendors and disinterested billboard hangers, and chat with Rachel Smith of Pride Socks!

Pride Socks is one of the co-sponsors of this month's American Herstory giveaway, and we talk to Rachel about the brand's genesis, her own background, and how Pride Socks helps its customers feel empowered to meet whatever challenges come their way. It's very inspiring!

We'll be back next week with a new community spotlight Q&A, more new designs, details about the new giveaway, and another new podcast episode! Maybe we'll have a second review to read on the air! Until next time...

Peace, love, and 6/8 time signatures,