March 07, 2019

Making Movie Magic With Hollywood Colorist David Cole

Boredwalk Everything Is Temporary Shirt

Happy International Women's Day, everybody! How are you celebrating? Let us know!

As you can see from the new design above, we've been feeling pretty zen about our time here on Earth — or at least trying to. No matter how good or bad things are going in your life, never forget that in the cosmic sense everything is temporary. Even the (small) blaze that my old man caused last weekend in my childhood home when he got a little aggressive saging his man cave in tribute to our dearly departed Luke Perry (RIP).

No, the previous sentence is not code for anything. That literally happened. My dad: twisted firestarter (also RIP to Keith Flint)! Moving on...

This week on the podcast we're chatting with visual effects artist David Cole. David has worked on some of Hollywood's biggest hits such as Peter Jackson's 2005 remake of King Kong, Fellowship of the Ring from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Tron: Legacy, Life of Pi, and most recently the critically acclaimed (so many Oscar nominations, you guys!) Dick Cheney biopic Vice. He's kind of a big (unassuming, unfailingly humble and gracious) deal.

David tells us about the magic that colorists work behind the scenes to make the films we love, well, lovable. He shares his journey from Computer Science college student in Melbourne, Australia to working on some of the biggest films of all time in Los Angeles. He shares some of the mind meld collaboration that goes into creating movies we all love and dishes about Ang Lee's unconventional way of talking about color, the working conditions at Skywalker Ranch, and what it's like to look at nothing but (fake) blood & guts for hours upon hours...and get paid for it! 

You can follow Dave on Twitter @davec555!

That's it for now! We'll be back next week with fresh designs, new products, and another podcast episode! We hope you have a great weekend. Until next time...

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