October 04, 2022

😋 Maybe I'm in the minority on this, but...


Don't get me wrong, I adore junk food, but I have a strong affection for leafy greens, too — especially kale. Dried as a chip, massaged with lemon/salt/olive oil, sautéed — it doesn't matter. I will enjoy kale in nearly any form. This is one of my favorite kale recipes*, but I have many.
I know kale has a lot of haters, but given that humanity has been cultivating it since at least 2000 B.C., I can't be the only superfan. As a crop it's useful for desalinating soil, and as a foodstuff it's loaded with calcium, vitamin A, and antioxidants. When people ask me how I maintain my youthful appearance, despite being 400 years old, I credit kale. I also credit the cursed potrait slowly decaying in my attic,** but the kale certainly helps.
If you're not into celebrating Kale Day, today is also National Be Nice Day, so be nice, especially to me about my adoration of kale.
* If you do try that recipe (and you should) I find that I prefer to double the lemon juice that the recipe calls for. I like my salad dressing like I like my personality, extra sour!
** Yes, that was a reference to The Picture of Dorian Gray, a delightfully spooky story by Oscar Wilde; do give it a read if you haven't. It's a perfect classic horror story for October!
I may have married my husband entirely for his culinary skills. He's a wizard with all things leafy and green.
What happened on October 5ths of the past? Let's find out!
• Born on this day: actress Kate Winslet (1975), actor Jesse Eisenberg (1983), and comedian Bernie Mac (1957)
• 1947: President Harry Truman delivered the first televised presidential address from the White House
• 1962: James Bond made his big screen debut in Dr. No, a film based on a 1958 novel by Ian Fleming
• 1969: Monty Python's Flying Circus made its debut on BBC Television.
Alright, you've waited long enough — on to the links!

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Peace, love, and leafy greens,