August 12, 2020


Happy Wednesday! Are you ready for the first day of the rest of your week? You'd better be, because it's here!

I'm excited, because here at Boredwalk HQ we're the proud mamas & papas of a brand new lint scrubber! Truly, it is a California dream...mostly because of our geographic location, but also because we finally have a solution to the ever-present lint problem in our office. But enough about our fuzz-covered fixtures — you're here for some links!

First, though, I have a question to ask: are you ready for the country? I hope so, because today is the birthday of not one, but TWO honky tonk heroes!

• First up, cut a slice of cake for Mr. Grand Ole Opry himself, Porter Wagoner, born this day in 1927! Mr. Wagoner was a prolific television host and recording artist, charting 81 times between 1954 and 1983 and taping 686 episodes of The Porter Wagoner Show from 1960-1981. He also helped introduce a little-known Nashville songwriter to a much wider audience when he invited Dolly Parton to replace Norma Jean as his regular duet partner on the show. Hey, Porter — thanks! 

• Next, sling a slice across the table to the father of "the Bakersfield sound", Alvis Edgar "Buck" Owens, Jr., born this day in 1929! He and his band The Buckaroos scored 21 No. 1 singles on the Billboard Country Music charts, and he also co-hosted the hit CBS variety show Hee Haw with Roy Clark.

• Finally, happy birthday to Social Security, which was born on this day in 1935 when then-U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Bill into law! Social Security is sort of an omnibus designation that covers multiple benefits. The biggest is the OASI benefit (Old-Age & Survivors Insurance), followed by Disability Insurance, Medicare Part A, and Medicare Parts B & D. Chances are if you're living and breathing in the United States in 2020, you or someone you know is currently paying to or benefiting from a Social Security program. Cherish it!

OK, link time!

1. Jon-Michael Frank makes comics for depressives, and they're very on-brand for both Boredwalk and these trying times.

As an artist, I hate artist statements, so I'm not going to try and speak for another one. Just click the link and enjoy!

2. To The Guys I've Dated is a brilliant compendium of real letters written by women to the men who have disappointed them on dates.

It's pretty hilarious.

3. Caesar the therapy llama is here to save us all from ourselves and 2020.

I don't know why I only now am learning about an emotional support llama frequenting protests, but this is awesome!

4. Please, Hammer, don't infect 'em!

This Alabama school principal is doing his level best to stop the spread with his MC Hammer Covid-19 parody. I know the Wednesday email is usually a Covid-free space, but this was pretty freakin' cute.

5. These light box memes from legendary Austin Tex-Mex restaurant El Arroyo never get old.

Plus, they're open for curbside pickup — sweet!