January 20, 2023

Might as well face it...🫠


Today's occasion is all about accepting things as they are. The originator of Day of Acceptance came up with the idea to honor Annie Hopkins, an activist who aimed to "make the world a better place by educating people about the importance of embracing diversity." Hopkins wanted to increase social acceptance of disability and encourage the world come together to support and embrace the challenges that come along with having a disability. 
I like this reminder to embrace acceptance, because we mostly live in a culture that prefers "fixing" over "accepting." For me, accepting that I'm just not ever going to be a sunny optimistic cheerful person has been so much better than trying to "heal" my gloomy disposition. Besides, could a cheerful person turn out the endlessly amusing new notebooks above? I think not!
I like being miserable Addams Family gif
Lurch gets it. The Addams Family is a perfect model of self-acceptance. Unapologetically weird and gloomy — I love it!
GIF via The Addams Family
Today also happens to be International Fetish Day, a day for encouraging acceptance of erotic practices between consenting adults. Since our culture's puritanical roots go hand in hand with encouraging us to conform to shiny happy social norms, this seems to pair well with the general theme of acceptance.
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• Matt's Dry January adventure
• Tasmanian devils (and whether or not they're aptly named)
• Houseplants, and how they're just adult Pokémon
• Ugly babies
• The mental health tricks Matt & Josh employ to stay (relatively) sane
• Recent Question of the Day answers from Boredwalk fans (maybe yours!)

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Want a few notable January 20th birthdays and historical facts to kick off the weekend? Here are a few...
• Born on this day: producer/DJ/musician/actor Questlove (1971), filmmaker Federico Fellini (1920), musician/KISS frontman Paul Stanley (1952), astronaut Buzz Aldrin (1930), actor Rainn Wilson (1966), and filmmaker David Lynch (1946)
• On this day in 2009 Barack Obama was sworn in as the first Black President of the United States
• TV series Breaking Bad premiered on this day in 2008
 Marvin Gaye's single about police brutality, "What's Goin' On," was released on this day in 1971
• Finally, on this day in 1982, Ozzy Osbourne allegedly bit the head off a bat on stage in Des Moines, Iowa
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Peace, love, and acceptance,