June 13, 2022

My desire to leave society is strong 💪


It's National Hermit Week. Finally, something for the introverts.

I go back and forth on my hermit fantasies. On the one hand, I love alone time and usually find society annoying. On the other, though, I like having access to the conveniences of urban living like cool book stores and people who will make excellent tacos for me. I could live in a remote locale, make my own tacos, and have books shipped, but it's not quite the same.

Living in Los Angeles is probably about as good as it gets (for me). It has the conveniences of city living, but quick access to remote weekend escapes, and the city itself is sprawling so it never feels terribly crowded, despite being the second biggest city in the country. I would not make it a single week as a New Yorker.

Audrey Hepburn lowering sunglasses gif

Me when I have to interact with people.


Want some June 13th famous birthdays and historical facts? Let's do it!

• Famous birthdays: poet/writer W. B. Yeats (1865), actress Kat Dennings (1986), actress Ally Sheedy (1962), and Olsen twin actresses Mary-Kate and Ashley (1986).

• On this day in 1922 the longest recorded attack of hiccups began. Charlie Osborne's hiccup spell lasted 68 years. He died 11 months after it stopped.

 Finally, on this day in 1966 The US Supreme Court rules that police departments are required to give “Miranda rights."


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Peace, love, and hermits,