January 03, 2019

New Year's resolutions that don't suck? It really is possible!

Beware The Vegetarian Bunny Shirt

Well gang, here we are: 2019. One year away from the completion of SeaLab! I'm sure it will be right on time, just like jetpacks and (real) hoverboards.

While we wait to be disappointed by Science's failure to reach next year's futurism milestone, there are other important things we could be doing. Like eating more fruits & veggies!



OK, got that out of your system? Good.

This week on the podcast we're joined by Emilie Hebert of the popular food blog Emilie Eats. Emilie is currently in school pursuing her Masters degree to become a nutritionist, but that doesn't stop her from creating delectable and gorgeous-looking plant-based recipes and sharing them with the world. What a dynamo! You can check out the full recipes at her blog (linked above), but if you'd rather salivate over some stunning visuals, follow her on Instagram!

We talk to Emilie about her food background, from her upbringing in Louisiana to her current home in Colorado, the differences between a plant-based diet and a vegan diet, how making healthier food choices is easier than you think — including some great tips that you can put into practice right now with minimal effort for maximum flavor — and what her long-term plans are for her career and her blog. We also discuss the ups and downs of having an activist mindset in the modern age, and deal with some comments from the furry peanut gallery courtesy of some mournful background wails from Oliver. What a lovable little jerk! Listen below:

As for new stuff, Meredith is still working on adding our next product type. I'm in the midst of a very finely-detailed design that's taking a bit longer than usual, but it's looking pretty sweet if I do say so myself. We'll have some brand spankin' new designs in the next few days, but for now consider turning over a brand new (lettuce) leaf with some of these veggie-tastic classics:

Romantic Walks Through The Produce Department Shirt

Cottontail Killer Bunny Shirt

Hass Is Going Avocado Shirt

Secret Shame Vegetarian T Rex Shirt

Take Me To The Farmers Market Shirt

Jolly Roger Bunny Shirt

That's it until next week! We'll have some fresh designs, as well as a very cool podcast episode featuring fresh(wo)man Nebraska state senator Megan Hunt! She talks with us about Nebraska's political culture, its unique legislative process, and her tips on how to go about running for public office if you're interested in making a difference in your community! 

Peace, love, and healthy eating,