Jack O Lantern Photo by Beth Teutschmann
September 19, 2017

Our Favorite Halloween Costume Alternatives

Alternative Halloween Costumes

Cooler weather, crunchy, colorful leaves, and pumpkin spice in the air are all telltale signs that we're getting to that spooky-scary time of year — you know, Halloween! If you want to get into the spirit but itchy costumes and messy greasy paint aren't your thing, we've got a few simple alternatives to more elaborate Halloween costumes that let people know you're in the spirit, but not down with the less practical aspects of costuming. Behold our our list of Halloween shirts for taking little ones trick or treating, handing out candy, or just watching your favorite scary movies!

1. Don't Make Me Put a Hex On You Witch Shirt

Don't Make Me Put a Hex On You Witch Shirt

Let the neighborhood kids know there will be hell to pay if they smash your Jack O'Lantern with this funny, witchy shirt. Perfect for keeping the trick or treaters in line!

2.Dracula and Frankenstein and Mummy and Wolfman Shirt

Dracula and Frankenstein and Mummy and Wolf Man Horror Shirt

Settle in for a monster movie marathon and celebrate your favorite classic monsters with this modern minimalist shirt that's perfect for horror fans. And if Wolfman corners you in an alley, just remember this little tidbit of advice from 80s classic The Monster Squad: Wolfman's got nards. Kick him in the jewels and don't look back! 

3. Headless Horseman Shirt

Headless Horseman Shirt

If classic literature is more your thing, this Headless Horseman shirt is the perfect way to get in the Halloween spirit. Great for reading scary stories or visiting your favorite haunted house!

4. Your Coffin or Mine Vampire Shirt

Your Coffin or Mine Vampire Shirt

Get your flirt on with this low-key Dracula look at the Halloween parties this season.This funny vampire shirt is perfect for charming all the undead honeys this Halloween!

5. My Other Ride is a Broomstick Witch Shirt

My Other Ride is a Broomstick Witch Shirt

Pointy hats and frumpy black dresses are so last century. Rock a modern, stylish witch look with this funny witch shirt. Perfect for taking kids trick or treating or an evening of casting spells.

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