November 10, 2023

Our spiciest take 🤯


Before anyone lectures me about cannibalism or economic systems or whatever, let's be clear: this new Make Billionaires Extinct art is about taxing the rich, not eating them. We'd love to see this level of obscene wealth* go the way of the dinosaur so we can deploy those tax dollars for things like universal health care, universal family leave, and other public services that would make our whole society better for all of us.**

*Don't worry, billionaires, you can still have mansions and yachts with tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, but we should draw the line somewhere, and a billion dollars in personal wealth seems like a reasonable line to us!

**Yes, even the mega-rich should want to live in a society where their fellow citizens can go to the doctor or take time off to care for a new baby or sick family member.

Scrooge McDuck gi

Just look at this greedy little duck, he doesn't need that money bin! We need that money for better teacher salaries, Mr. McDuck!
GIF via Disney
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This week my co-founder Matt & Josh from Boredwalk's content team chat about Josh's recent Irish vacation! The good news: the banshees didn't get him. The bad news: he discovered that America's lone beer representation in the pubs there is Coors. We have so much more to offer, Ireland, we swear!
Josh also details his reunion with his pet cats, and they react to a recent review from a happy customer! (And a few unsavory comments from social media trolls — always a fun time.)
They also respond to fan answers to Boredwalk's recent Question of the Day posts (and share their own takes), and wrap things up by asking each other questions from our forthcoming Delve Deck: Venting Edition and Joy Edition expansion packs! Only a couple more weeks until they drop, so stay tuned!
Alright! Let's send you off into the weekend with some notable events and famous birthdays from November 10ths of yore!
• Inventor Mary Anderson was granted a patent for the windshield wiper on this day in 1903
 Area Codes were introduced in the United States on this day in 1951
 Sesame Street, the long-running American children's television series, premiered on this day in 1969
 Vanilla birthday cupcakes all around (because it's National Vanilla Cupcake Day) for: actor Claude Rains of Invisible Man and Casablanca fame (1889), actor/comedian Sinbad (1956), actor/comedian Tracy Morgan of Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock fame (1968), author Neil Gaiman of Sandman and Coraline fame (1960), actress Ellen Pompeo of Grey's Anatomy fame (1969), DJ/Producer Diplo (1978), country singer Miranda Lambert (1983), actress Zoey Deutch (1994) and actress Kiernan Shipka (1999) of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina fame
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