May 06, 2022

She is clothed in anxiety and loungewear 😔


Happy Friday? Normally this is the part of the email where I tell you about some obscure mundane occasion like National Chocolate Covered Nut Day, but it just doesn't feel that interesting. After two years of death and pandemic we're sliding into death, war, AND pandemic. Our species really knows how not to have a good time!

I will never understand dictators. If I already had to run the world's (geographically) largest country, the last thing I'd be doing is trying to add more territory to keep track of and manage. I barely want to be in charge of my small apartment, much less millions of miles of land. Seems like a lot of upkeep.

Can we send Marie Kondo to talk to Putin about the benefits of minimalism? It's hard to imagine invading a neighboring country really sparks that much joy. He should try conquering a bottomless mimosa brunch instead; that'll spark some joy.

*Please don't send me angry emails about how I shouldn't make light of armed international conflicts; jokes are my coping mechanism, and it's depressing as hell to wake up every freaking day to endless bad news. Let me imagine an alternate fantasy version of our hell world where dictators can be derailed by pancakes and champagne-spiked juice. Besides, this sort of irreverent geo-political analysis has kinda-sorta been Boredwalk's vibe this whole time, so I'm not sure what else would be expected of us.

Raccoon Eating

Me stress eating my way through the warring 20s

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We'll take it out with our old tradition of notable February 25th birthdays:

 Actor, director, producer, and Goonie Sean Astin, born on this day in 1971! You probably first encountered him hunting for Chester Copperpot's lost treasure, but I've most recently enjoyed his appearance on Netflix's Stranger Things.

 Actress, writer, director, and producer Rashida Jones, born on this day in 1976! From shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation to films like I Love You, Man, Jones has been in some of my favorite comedic works of the 2000s.

• French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir, born on this day in 1841! Renoir was a leading painter in the development of the Impressionist style.

Also celebrating birthdays today: comedian Chelsea Handler (1975), actress Téa Leoni (1966), and musician/Beatles guitarist George Harrison (1943).


Alright! We'll be back in your inbox Monday with a new Boredwalk Community Q&A, more famous birthdays, a random holiday or two, and other assorted entertainment!

Until next time...

Peace, love, and anxiety,