March 14, 2019

Sláinte! Now go get your affairs in order, because Death's a-comin'!

Boredwalk Lordy I Hope There Are Tacos Shirt

Happy early St. Patrick's Day!

We're celebrating with...tacos, I guess. Which may seem incongruous with a holiday chiefly associated with Ireland, but it's totally legit! Have you ever had a potato taco, my friends? If not, you are missing out. I'm in no way advising you to pour out your Jameson's or Guinness in favor of Centenario or Modelo this weekend — I'm not a monster, after all. All I'm saying is that you have options when it comes to honoring the patron saint of Ireland. Besides; have you ever looked at the Irish and Mexican flags side by side?

Irish and Mexican Flags

It's no coincidence that Irish-Mexican fusion is enough of a thing that there are THREE such competing theme restaurants in the midwest (Carlos O'Kelly's), southwest (Carlos O'Brien's), and mid-Atlantic (Carlos O'Charlie's). The great American melting pot in action!

Onward! This week on the podcast Meredith and I share a customer review, address the concerns of a recent troll regarding the authenticity of our art, talk about our recent adventures in end-of-life planning, dole out some deserved shout-outs, and (fittingly) lament the early demise of some of our favorite TV shows. Oh, Oliver also makes an appearance toward the end. Enjoy! Or don't...Tom. 😒

We've also been busy behind the scenes working on adding new shirt styles and improving the shopping experience on the site — stay tuned for those — along with our usual job of designing fab graphic apparel for your hot bod. Witness:

Boredwalk Understand More Fear Less Marie Curie Quote Shirt

Boredwalk Vintage Connecticut Tourism Shirt

Boredwalk Everything Is Temporary Existentialist Shirt

Boredwalk St. Louis 314 Area Code Shirt

We'll be back next week with a new podcast episode, fresh designs, and other fun stuff! Please celebrate responsibly this weekend...but also have fun!

Peace, love, and (potato) tacos,