September 13, 2018

Someday We'll All be Dead: Interesting Death and Funeral Rituals From Around the World

Someday We'll All be Dead

On today's podcast we talk to Amy Pickard and we're chatting about death. Amy runs a business helping the living prepare for death, so she tells us all about that and makes a convincing case for why we should all be more prepared. Curious? Listen to the episode below:

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In the spirit of this week's theme, here are three fascinating death rituals from around the world that you've probably never heard of:

1. Dancing With the Dead
In Madagascar the Malagasy people throw parties every 5 to 7 years at their family crypts. The dead are exhumed and sprayed with perfume or wine. The celebration includes live music, dancing with the dead, and chatting with the dead or telling them stories. The Malagasy people believe this ritual strengthens their family bonds and celebrates their ancestry. I wonder if the dead are any good at Tango?

2. Bejeweled in South Korea
Burial space is at such a premium in South Korea that back in 2000 a law was passed requiring the dead to be exhumed after 60 years. To find a new way to honor the dead, several companies have sprung up that can compress the ashes of the dead into gem-like beads. The beads can then be displayed in the home — the sparkliest and quietest way to live with your relatives.

3. The World's Sexiest Funerals
In Taiwan having a well attended funeral is a high priority. To increase turn out, many families hire strippers to attend and perform at funerals. I guess the corpse isn't the only thing that's stiff at these affairs.

Honorable mention goes to my preferred way to give back to the earth when my time is up; when I die please feed me to the mushrooms!

That's all for this week!

Peace, love, and tacos,