Twilight Cat by Saso Tusar - Boredwalk Spooky Scary Halloween Spotify Playlist
October 05, 2017

The Best Halloween Songs via Boredwalk's Spooky Scary Playlist!

Halloween Playlist

Crafting a good mix takes patience, an understanding of flow, contrast, and dynamics...and time. Between makeup, costume prep, candy purchasing, and apple bobbing, time is usually in short supply come October 31st. But fear not! Boredwalk's got you covered. 

Our Spooky Scary Spotify playlist features a mix of obvious and not-so-obvious selections from a variety of genres and eras to help soundtrack your Samhain, All Hallow's Eve, Halloween, or werewolf bar mitzvah celebrations. Or, if you're like us, your Stranger Things season 2 premier binge-watching session. Enjoy!