November 24, 2020

The Best Science Shirts and Science Gifts: The Ultimate Scientist Gift Guide

Are you in the market for the ultimate gifts for scientists in your life? Whether you've got an aspiring STEM professional niece or nephew or a best friend in chemistry or physics we've got the ultimate selection of science gifts for adults, teens, and kids!

What Kind of Science Gifts and T Shirts Do You Have?

The great thing about our selection of science tees and gifts is that we've got an assortment of styles, colors, and sizes, which means we have something for just about every science nerd on your list -- from biology teachers to amateur astronomers.

In addition to science tees, we also carry tank tops and fleece, so we've got you covered for any weather. We carry a range of sizes on our science tees and apparel from small through 3X in many styles.

Most of our science tees are offered in a range of colors, so you'll be able to pick just the right gift for the scientist in your life, right down their favorite color.

This rocker inspired Tesla shirt is a fun choice for the scientist who wants to pay homage to scientific history and look stylish while doing it!

Staff Favorite:

Nikola Tesla World Tour Science T Shirt
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Why Choose Our Science T Shirts and Gifts?

You want to gift good gifts, right? I mean the last thing you want is your friends and relatives feigning a fake smile at gift time and then promptly sending your gift right to the thrift store.

You might be thinking your engineer cousin or science teacher aunt wants another pair of slippers or a fruitcake, but think again! Based on our not particularly scientific research people, we know what your loved ones do not want.

Our science gifts are ideal because they're:

  • Unique
  • Affordable
  • Free to exchange in case you guess wrong about sizing
  • Perfect for letting your favorite scientists express themselves in style

Do you have any science gift ideas for kids?

We have a variety of fun science gifts and shirts for kids.

A recent study found parents who effectively convey the importance of science and technology to their kids saw a 12% increase in their kids' ACT scores in math and science. With the job prospects for STEM careers, there's no better time to get the kids in your life excited about science!



We love this Marie Curie Scientist shirt for girls. It's got a rock and roll look and celebrates a female icon in science history.

Kids Marie Curie Scientist Shirt
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Considering that 6 in 10 girls say they'd feel more confident pursuing an interest in science and technology if they knew men and women were equally employed in the field, there's no time like the present to introduce the little girl in your life to science icon Marie Curie.

These stylish science tees are available in toddler and youth sizes. We've also got infant bodysuits, because it's never to early to take an interest in science.

We also love this kids science shirt featuring a Kurt Vonnegut quote. It's perfect for getting kids excited about astronomy, engineering, and the world of possibilities that science promises.

Science is Magic That Works Science Quote Shirt
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Do you have any gifts for scientists in the making? My son/daughter just started college as a science major!

In addition to funny science t shirts, we have some cool dorm decor and bags for toting around campus. Let your favorite science lover celebrate science in style with a new bag, shirt, or notebook.

Our Inter-Dimensional Portals notebook makes the perfect astronomy gift for a student studying physics, engineering, or astronomy. This notebook is deal for taking notes in class.

Inter-Dimensional Portals Spiral Notebook
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This Marie Curie quote messenger bag is also great for the busy young scientist on the go. It's made with sturdy cotton canvas and built to last for years. It's also machine washable so coffee spills are no problem!

The bag also features an adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable wear. The side and interior pockets -- 4 in all -- are great for keeping gear organized.

Understand More Fear Less Scientist Messenger Bag
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If you think your student would get a kick out of some funny science t shirts, we recommend this Mondays are Pterrible shirt. It's perfect for paleontology students or science nerds. It's a fun wear for a trip to the natural science museum or a biology class.

Mondays Are Pterrible T-Shirt Funny Dinosaur Shirt
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Do you have any gifts for science nerds who are also into fitness?

Our tank tops are perfect for science nerds who like to work out. Our racerback tanks are perfect for women. For example, this In Science We Trust tank is perfect for an active lifestyle.

It's made with ringspun cotton, so it's comfy and soft, and it comes in an array of colors and sizes.

In Science We Trust Scientist Tank Top
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If your favorite active scientist is a regular gym goer, they might like our duffel bags. This one makes a great scientist gift. It's a cotton canvas bag with an adjustable shoulder strap and a front flap pocket.

Science Has the Answers Science Gift
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My scientist dad loves a good dad joke, got any funny science tees that will make him laugh?

Our funny science shirts are perfect for the nerdy dad who loves a good pun. For the dad who loves astronomy and cats, this funny Fuzz Aldrin astronomy shirt is a great selection.

Fuzz Aldrin Astronomy Shirt
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Do you have any inexpensive gifts for scientists? I'm on a budget!

One of our favorite science gifts for adults is our tote bags! They're perfect for taking the the farmer's market or library and at under $10 they're ideal for a fun affordable science gift.

These inexpensive functional totes are also a great option if you're not sure what size someone wears. They're great for white elephant parties or secret santa gifts.

Fuzz Aldrin Astronomy Tote Bag
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Do you have any cool science tees for women in STEM?

Some of our favorite funny science shirts celebrate women in science and technology. Our Sirens of Science shirts make a statement about women in STEM with humor and style. Below you'll see the scoop neck version of this shirt. Our scoop neck tops have a slouchy relaxed fit, so they're ideal if you want a shirt with a more generous fit. If you prefer something more form fitting our Sirens of Science shirts come in fitted womens crews and v-necks too!

Best Seller:

Sirens of Science Female Scientist Shirt
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If you're looking for something for fall or winter, our scoop neck fleece are both stylish and cozy. We love our rock and roll inspired Marie Curie graphic featured on one of these sweatshirts with leggings and boots!

Marie Curie Scientist Fleece
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The National Science Foundation reports that women represent 43 percent of the workforce for engineers and scientists under 75 years old in the U.S. Being a minority in the industry, your favorite female STEM professional will love these fun shirts celebrating women in science and technology.

Do you have any chemistry gifts or chemistry shirts you can recommend?

Some of our favorite chemistry t shirts feature puns that are sure to crack up your favorite chemist. We this science lover shirt is a great gift for scientists of any kind!

The Good Thing About Science Is That It's True T-Shirt
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For more adult chemistry gifts, this THC molecule messenger bag makes a fun subtle gift for the chemist who likes to party.

THC Molecule Bag
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What about astronomy gifts or gifts for astronomy lovers?

We have some really cool astronomy shirts. One of our favorites is this one inspired by a Carl Sagan quote:

Made with Star Stuff Astronomy Shirt
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For the stargazing enthusiast or amateur astronomer, our Look Up and Get Lost shirt is a great gift for celebrating the stars.

Look Up and Get Lost Astronomy Shirt
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What are some of your recommended biology gifts?

You'll win the heart of your favorite biologist with this anatomical diagram shirt:

Heart Diagram Biology Shirt
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My friend is a science teacher, but I'm not sure what size she wears, help!

If you want to treat your friend to some science teacher shirts you can make your best guest on sizing and still shop with confidence. We offer free exchanges on US orders, so if you guess wrong on size your friend can exchange for the right size.

If you're looking for other science teacher gifts you might like this bee messenger bag. This durable canvas bag features a chart of several constellations, so it's a fun science teacher gift that's one size fits all:

Bee Biologist Gift
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If you'd like to go with some science teacher shirts, this Save the Bees shirt is a great selection for an environmental science teacher.

God Save the Queen Bee Environmental Science Shirt
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If your favorite science teacher has more minimalist taste, these science t shirts are a great choice:

Science T Shirts
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Do you have any physics t shirts or physics gifts?

If you're looking for physics gifts that are one size fits all our minimalist science messenger bag is a nice option. It's available in 3 different colors and designed to last for years, due to it's sturdy cotton canvas fabric.

This bag is a great gift for a physics professor or student who has papers and books they might need to carry around campus.

Science Messenger Bag
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