November 26, 2021

🤔 The best way to beat the Black Friday crowds? 💡


Happy National Cake Day! In the spirit of having your cake and eating it too, why not let your itchy clicking/tapping finger do the shopping while you lounge around in sweats and recover from yesterday's culinary festivities? 

Sure, you might burn more calories by artfully pirouetting through fellow shoppers at a safe, masked distance, but you already worked so hard yesterday cooking and/or eating a Herculean amount of food; you deserve a break!

Salem the stress-eating cat

Same, Salem — same.

Alright — savings time! Now through Monday, save:

• 10% ON ALL ORDERS with code 10BFCM21

• 15% ON ORDERS of $150+ with code 15BFCM21


One more time: these codes expire at 11:59PM on Monday night, so don't dilly-dally! That countdown timer is not a trick or a mirage, it's ticking this sale down in real time! 

This is Boredwalk's final sale of the year; once it's over, that's it until...sometime deep into 2022, probably!

Which makes this as good a time as any to break the bad news: Boredwalk's prices are going to be going up in the new year. We've held them down for as long as we can, but between rising labor, shipping, and material costs we do need to increase them after the holidays.


OK, that's it — I'm done. Go save some money! We'll be back in your inbox Monday with some famous birthdays (happy 83rd to Tina Turner), random holidays, and maybe a customer Q&A if someone would like to volunteer! Reply to this to let me know and I'll send you some questions!

Yours in savings,