May 13, 2019

The Mother of All Giveways, Awesome New Products, and Other Stuff!

Boredwalk Mother Of All Giveaways

Strap in, my pretties — this is a doozy of a Tuesday blog post, chock full of Boredwalk goodies!

First up, you may have noticed up top that we're running a sweet giveaway this month, appropriately named for Mother's Day! So, what's included in this prize pack?

$100 Gift Card from Boredwalk (that's us!)
$100 Gift Card from Cameoko (purveyors of fine handmade jewelry!)
Kimono Robe & Sleep Mask from Nuno (because sometimes you want to luxuriate in something other than a graphic tee!)
10 Pairs of Slipper Socks from Fuzzy Babba (aka, a 10-day vacation from sweeping your floors!)

Now, if you're skeptical that anyone ever actually wins these giveaways just because you haven't been the lucky so-and-so in question...well, fair enough. But I assure you that real living, breathing humans are making out like bandits each month. In fact, here they are in alphabetical order!

• Kelly Beyer
• Hillary Clausen
• Courtney Coco
• Duncan Lee
• Francine Long
• Austin Moses
• Rebecca Pavia

But I'm feeling generous, so here's how to really improve your chances of winning if you haven't to this point: OPEN OUR EMAILS!

Winners are selected at random, but we notify winners by email. So if you don't open our email you could miss the notification that you've won, which means we won't get a reply from you with a shipping address to send you prizes, which means we have to pick someone else. So, those emails. Or don't! But don't whine about how you never win anything if your inbox is a swirling vortex of unopened, unread emails. It's two clicks** per week to greatly improve your odds, which is a pretty rad ROI* if you ask me.

* ROI is what we in "the biz" call return on investment. Look at all the stuff we're learning today!

** Additional pro-tip: you can elect to receive email from us less frequently. When you get an email from us and click our unsubscribe link you'll see the option to get emails once per week or once per month. If your inbox is cluttered but you'd like some Boredwalk updates just opt for weekly or monthly emails from us.

OK, some other MAJOR HOUSECLEANING NOTES I need to share:

• I'll get the less-awesome news out of the way first: we've raised our prices. Wait, don't leave! Please...I can explain.

Look, I know — no one likes this stuff. Heck, we hated having to do it. But it really was a necessity, and we didn't want to just make the change and go along on our merry way. We want to be as transparent as we can with our fans & customers, and Meredith and I wrote an entire blog post about why this had to happen. Hopefully you understand and are willing to continue shopping with us, but if not we understand and appreciate your support of Boredwalk up to this point; we'll miss you.

• Now, as the blog post explains, a big reason for this price increase is related to postage/shipping costs having increased over the years while our pricing has remained the same. We know paying extra for shipping is lame, which is why we've always tried not to pass that cost onto our customers and offer free shipping on U.S. orders. Which we still will!

We'll also still offer volume discounts, like our current LOVE15 code that will take 15% off orders of $75 or more.

But there's another, better reason behind this that we hope will make for a better customer experience — free shipping AND free exchanges* on U.S. orders!

Ordered the wrong size? Don't like the fit of a certain style? Regretting that color choice? Finicky about fabric and wish you'd taken us up on our offer to print on a custom off-menu shirt style? No problem! Just go to our returns page, enter your email address and original order number, and download & print out an exchange slip and a pre-paid postage label and send it back in exchange for what you REALLY want.

*This doesn't apply to straight-up returns. You can still return stuff using the pre-paid labels, but in the event that you'd rather return for a refund instead of exchanging for another item, the cost of the pre-paid label will be deducted from the refund amount. Think of it like a re-stocking fee. So in summation, go with an exchange — it's a better deal!

• OK...that was the boring, un-fun stuff. Here's the exciting stuff! We've added women's racer back tank tops, women's flowy dolman scoop-neck tees, and premium unisex pullover hoodies! All of these new shirts are delightfully soft; seriously Meredith has been living in these new scoop neck tees! They're like buttah!
Boredwalk Support Your Local Library Hoodie
Boredwalk Someday We'll All Be Dead Scoop Neck Shirt
Boredwalk Maybe Tomorrow Satan Racer Back Tank Top
We've been working on adding these new styles to the site for months, have done tons of test prints and wash tests to make sure the prints hold up well, and we really hope you love them as much as we do! 

I'll be back later this week with new designs and a new podcast episode. Until then...

Peace, love, and tacos,