November 03, 2023

The one thing we have in common 😏


First things first: shout out to Boredwalk fan Kendra E., whom Rando-Bot 5000 selected as last month's free tee giveaway winner!
Second things second: As I mentioned in Wednesday's email, the post-Halloween hangover is in full effect. Thankfully, this has not stopped Meredith and me from working on new art, like this delightfully dour Plagued By The Human Condition design! October being over is no big deal — spooky is a state of mind, not just a season, after all.
Plagued though we may be, there are a few things that make the human condition marginally more bearable — stuff like accessories, snacks, and tidy homes.
Coincidentally, November 3rd celebrates all three! Here's hoping you have a happy:
 National Accessory Day (Did you know Boredwalk also sells stylish messenger and duffel bags? It's true!)
 National Homemaker Day (Did you also know that in our household I do the bulk of the cooking, cleaning, and gardening? Meredith's power dynamic fantasy is to essentially be an aloof bread-winning early 1960s dad with minimal housekeeping responsibilities, and I am happy to make her Don Draper/Darrin Stephens dreams come true!)
 National Sandwich Day (It's only the greatest culinary invention since soup, nbd.)
Joey and Chandler enjoying a sandwich gif
Could sandwiches BE any more delicious? (RIP, Matthew)
GIF via Friends / NBC

If your fall wardrobe could use an update be sure to stock up and save 15% AND get free U.S. shipping on orders of $75+ with the code SAVE15!
While you're waiting for your new Boredwalk goodies to arrive you can also treat your earholes to the latest episode of the Boredwalk Podcast! Click here to listen on your favorite podcasting platform!

This week Tess & Grace from Boredwalk's content team chat about their respective Halloween festivities, costume party etiquette, and the psychological benefits of dressing up as someone (or something) other than yourself every once in a while.
They also discuss a recent review of the Delve Deck, a hilariously ironic troll comment, and the indeterminant economics of controlled substances, as well as responses to our recent Question of the Day query "what was the most unreasonable rule you had to follow when growing up?" The answers are a truly special variety of ridiculous — you'll want to listen just for this segment alone.
They wrap things up by asking each other questions from our forthcoming Delve Deck: Venting Edition and Joy Edition expansion packs! Only a couple more weeks until they drop, so stay tuned!
Alright! Let's send you off into the weekend with some notable events and famous birthdays from November 3rds of yore!
 Chevrolet officially entered the automobile market on this day in in 1911, competing against Ford's Model T
 Unfortunate stray dog Laika became the first animal to enter planetary orbit when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 2 on this day in 1957
• Birthday sandwiches all around for: Actor, soldier, and bad-ass Charles Bronson of The Great Escape and Death Wish fame (1921), English actor Jeremy Brett of Granada TV's Sherlock Holmes fame (1933), influential Scottish-English singer-songwriter & guitarist Bert Jansch (1943), English-American "journalist" Anna Wintour of Vogue magazine fame (1949), problematic actress & comedian Roseanne Barr (1952), voice actor Jim Cummings of Disney's Winnie the Pooh fame (1952), actress & painter Kate Capshaw of — regrettably — Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom fame (1953), English singer-songwriter Adam Ant of Adam And The Ants fame (1954), actress & comedian Kathy Kinney of The Drew Carey Show fame (1954), actor & puppeteer Kevin "Tom Servo" Murphy of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and RiffTrax fame (1956), Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren of Rocky IV fame (1957), and rapper Sticky Fingaz of Onyx fame (1973)
• Pour one out for: Target shooter and entertainer Annie Oakley (d. 1926), French artist Henri Matisse (d. 1954), actress & singer Mary Martin of Peter Pan fame (d. 1990), and author, illustrator, and Batman co-creator Bob Kane (d. 1998)
OK, that's it for this week! We'll be back here in your inbox on Monday with another email and a fresh customer Q&A! If you'd like to be featured in an upcoming email reply to this and let us know!
Peace, love, and plague-fighting sandwiches,