August 26, 2020


Happy Women's Equality Day! Also, happy National Dog Day! You may be wondering " should I celebrate today?" Assuming you live with one, I think it would be a capital idea to walk your dog, give it an extra belly scritch, and then check your voter registration to make sure you're properly enfranchised come November 3rd!

Before we get to the links, though, you know what time it is — CAKE TIME!

• First up, happy birthday to the Krakatoan volcanic eruption, born this day in 1883! The Indonesian island explosion was so massive that it was heard 2,200 miles away in Madagascar, spewed ash 50 miles up into the atmosphere, and between the explosion itself and the subsequent 131-foot tsunamis it generated, it resulted in the deaths of 36,000 people. Which is very tragic, but also very metal. 

"How did you die?"

"Volcanic eruption shot with a tsunami chaser!"

See? Metal AF.

• Cut a piece for the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, officially ratified on this day in 1920! The 19th Amendment secured the right to vote for women. (Side rant: It drives me nuts when writings say the 14th and 19th Amendments "gave" the right to vote to people of color and women, as though it was some passive gift handed out as an afterthought by kindly old white men with hearts of gold and not something that was fought for, tooth and nail, for centuries. Using the word "gave" to describe this exchange of power is linguistically lazy. End rant!)

• Sling a slice over to voice actor extraordinaire Donald Leroy "Don" LaFontaine, born this day in 1940! You've definitely heard the guy's voice, even if you don't recognize the dude's name — he's the "in a world" guy from all those blockbuster movie trailers.

• Bop a bite into your blowhole for Branford Marsalis, born this day in 1960! Along with his brothers Wynton, Jason, and Delfeayo, the saxophonist spent much of the 1980s and 1990s pushing the jazz idiom in exciting new directions, and performed & recorded with an eclectic group of musicians, including Art Blakey, Sting, The Grateful Dead, and DJ Premier of Gang Starr.

• Finally, happy birthday to comedian, writer, producer, and Emmy-winning actor Melissa Ann McCarthy, born this day in 1970! 

OK, link time!

1. Homophones Weakly is the best way for grammarians to pass the time.

Bruce Worden's blog is, in his own words, "a visual exploration of words that look the same, sound the same, or are otherwise easily confused. Updated weakly through 2016, now only occasionally." It's...pretty funny.

2. A Redditor asked US postal workers last week what customers can do to help USPS, and the responses are great!

While a lot of replies were of the "an ice cold bottle of water would be great" variety, but I also like the fact that a lot of them just appreciate a smile or friendly "hello!"

3. Matt Shirley makes funny charts and posts them to Instagram.

Whether you need a visual guide to instruct you in the correct proportions of a mimosa, the amount of experience needed for any kind of job, or the worst tourist attraction in every US state, Matt's got it covered.

4. Artist Alex Solis draws a lot of things, but my favorite series of his features cute representations of natural predators and their prey.

It's bloody (really bloody) adorable. Here's a sampling of the series as culled from his Instagram.

5. Ben & Jerry's has a literal graveyard for it's failed flavors, and the headstones are as pun-tastic as you'd imagine!

This is awesome, but not as awesome as finding that (thankfully) their Cinnamon Buns flavor has not yet shuffled off this mortal coil.