Ugly Holiday Sweaters That Are So Cute You'll Want to Wear Them All Year
November 19, 2018

Ugly Holiday Sweaters That Are So Cute You'll Want to Wear Them All Year

Long after the horrible holiday sweater parties have come and gone, you'll want to wear these awesome holiday sweaters throughout the winter. They're cozy, soft, warm, and awesome! Here's a few must-have "ugly holiday sweaters" that are anything but!

1. Goth Holiday Sweater

Goth Holiday Sweater

What's nice about this cozy soft sweater is that it transitions perfectly from Halloween to Christmas party season. Loaded with skulls, black cats, coffins, and pentagrams, this spooky cute fleece is perfect for the goth with holiday spirit.

2. Science Holiday Sweater

Science Holiday Sweater

This fleece is perfect for showing off your geeky side. Our science themed holiday fleece is loaded up with beakers, microscopes, DNA strands and all sorts of fun scientific imagery. It makes a great gift for the STEM professional or scientist in your life. Just don't be surprised if they're still wearing it come January.

3. Alien Holiday Sweater

Alien Holiday Sweater

This spacey sci fi alien fleece is perfect for a holiday season that's out of this world. Astronomy buffs and science fiction fans alike will love this cozy colorful fleece. Perfect for sipping egg nog with your favorite extraterrestrial and gazing up at the stars.

4. Krampus Holiday Sweater

Krampus Holiday Sweater

For those who like a little horror in their horrible holiday sweater look, our Krampus Holiday Sweater is the perfect choice. This spooky holiday fleece is great for scaring up a little fun this holiday season and all winter long!

5. All I Want For Christmas Is a New President Sweater

All I Want for Christmas is a New President Sweater

If the political situation in the US has you feeling down this holiday season then you'll get a kick out of this funny anti-Trump fleece. It's perfect for holiday season protests or just meeting like minded folks around the punch bowl at the holiday parties.