July 25, 2022

Vices, but make 'em fancy 🍷

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I don't need a national occasion to invite me to stuff my face with wine and snacks. Charcuterie boards are one my favorite things to serve for dinner because they are so quick and easy to throw together, but end up looking classier and more high effort than they really are.
On the beverage side of this occasion equation, wine has the best branding of any booze when you think about it. It will get you just as sloshed as liquor or beer, but it's welcomed in religious ceremonies, black tie parties, fancy dinners, etc. It literally has gods (plural) on its PR team. The other boozes can only dream! 
drinking a giant glass of wine gif
Me celebrating National Wine and Cheese Day
Alright, here are a few famous July 25th birthdays and historical events...
• Actor/producer/Friends alum Matt LeBlanc was born on this day in 1967
• Actress/comedian/Golden Girl Estelle Getty was born on this day in 1923. If you recall Friday's email, Ms Getty also died on July 22nd. She missed a neat bit of existential synchronicity by a mere three days!
• On this day in 2007 India got its first female president 
• Finally, on this day in 1984 Svetlana Savitskaya became the first woman to walk in space
Alright! That does it for this email — with all the craziness lately we have been remiss in requesting (and therefore receiving) volunteers for our weekly community Q&A segment.
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We'll be back here in your inbox on Wednesday with some more random holidays to observe, historical tidbits to acknowledge, and fun links to entertaining content! Until next time...
Peace, love, and wine,