November 01, 2018

Voting isn't just for lovers — it's for everybody!

voting is for lovers shirt

Happy November! As much as we enjoyed scratching our horror itch for the last month, we're excited to pivot and scratch another one next Tuesday when we all head to our respective polling places to vote in the 2018 midterms!

If you're working on November 6th like we are and are worried you may not have time to make it to your usual polling place, fear not! Just head over to's early voting calendar and enter your address in the search bar there. The handy robot will tell you when & where you can go to vote early between now and Election Day.

And if you're not a very political person but still like to exercise the franchise and would like to make a more informed decision, just head on over to's sample ballot lookup tool to find out what issues and candidates are being voted on in your area! BallotPedia is a nonpartisan organization that exists to make being an informed voter as easy as possible by providing plain-language descriptions of the various measures, initiatives, questions, and candidates on your ballot.

In more Boredwalk-specific news, we've welcomed a new team member into the fold — hi, Scarlett! Our production supervisor Sarah has been hard at work the last two weeks getting Scarlett up to speed on all things printing ahead of the holiday rush. 

As we mentioned in last week's podcast episode, we're currently in the process of migrating a bunch of designs from our first brand, Ex-Boyfriend, over to Boredwalk! These may be old to us, but they're likely new to you! This is still an ongoing process, but we've already added a handful of designs with even more on the way. You can check out all these new designs here, with a small sampling below:
catnip freakout shirt
sirens of science feminist STEM shirt
secret shame vegan dinosaur shirt

And speaking of the podcast, we've got a new episode just dying to worm its way into your earholes! Meredith and I discuss our own voting prep process (which, like the recording of the episode itself, involves a lot of drinking), share a customer review, talk a bit about why our job is much less glamorous than our fun t-shirts might suggest, and describe interactive plays. Astute listeners will note that at one point I mix up the ring wraiths of the Lord of the Rings franchise with the dementors of the Harry Potter franchise. I know I made an "unforgivable" mistake, but please do not write in about this. You can listen below, or go here for links to Google Play, Stitcher, and iTunes if those platforms are more to your liking.

One last thing before I sign off for the week: don't forget to pick up your copy of the Boredwalk Magazine! It's hilarious, fun to look at, and makes a great gift for people who aren't into t-shirts, but still like to laugh. It's also very limited edition, so once it's gone we won't be printing any new copies! At the very least you should check out the product page — I think I nailed the description, and you'll also get to watch the commercial we shot for it. 

boredwalk magazine

Finally, be sure to save either your "I Voted" sticker OR your ballot stub! We'll be announcing a special deal for those of you that vote (or have already done so), but it does require showing proof that you voted this year!

Peace, love, and voter engagement,