May 06, 2022

Wanna get away from it all? ✈️


Happy National Day of Unplugging! Today's frivolous occasion invites us to take a virtual vacation from technology and enjoy the physical world for a change. I know the siren call of infinite doom scrolling can be difficult to escape, but since it's also National Snack Day you could always distract yourself with some chips and dip.

Woman dumping snacks into cart gif

Me getting ready to unplug and and celebrate National Snack Day.

March 4th is light on famous birthdays, but it is the birthday of the "Happy Birthday To You" song, which was published on this day in 1924 by Claydon Sunny.

Other interesting things about March 4ths of the past? 

• In 1801 Thomas Jefferson was the first US President to be inaugurated in Washington, D.C.

• In 1922 the first vampire film Nosferatu premiered in Berlin.

• In 1952 Ernest Hemingway finished The Old Man and the Sea and wrote his publisher the same day, saying he had finished the book and that it was the best writing he had ever done. It went on to win a Pulitzer Prize the next year.

• Finally, comedian, actress, and writer Catherine O'Hara was born on this day 1954! O'Hara has won Screen Actors Guild Awards, Emmy Awards, and a Golden Globe. She's been in dozens of cool movies and films including BeetlejuicePenelope, and Schitt's Creek. (Penelope was a bit of an indie sleeper, but it's worth seeking out! Enjoy it this evening while you're disconnecting from the internet and email me and let me know what you thought of it if you do!)

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Alright! We'll be back in your inbox Monday with a new Boredwalk Community Q&A, more famous birthdays, a random holiday or two, and other assorted entertainment!

Until next time...

Peace, love, and snacks,