September 20, 2018

What Do Heads of State Smell Like, Anyway?

Impeachment Candle by JD and Kate Industries
If you're like us, you've never wondered what Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau smells like...but this week's podcast guests have! JD and Kate are a husband and wife creative duo (just like us) and the masterminds behind Hottest Heads of State and JD and Kate Industries. These two humorists first caught our eye when I was shopping for a holiday gift for Matt's parents last year. JD and Kate have an Etsy store full of political humor-themed candles, and once I found it I was instantly hooked. If you want to go down the rabbit hole for a few hours visit their many websites. They are all hilarious and linked on their JD and Kate Industries website!

When we started our podcast, these two immediately came to mind when we were thinking about who we wanted to talk to and introduce to the Boredwalk community. So listen below to get an earful of our exchange about running a small business with your spouse, Vladimir Putin fan fiction, what Rutherford B Hayes smells like, and Obama's enviable portion control skills.

Also in this episode JD and Kate told us they created a replica of Disney's Mexico Pavillion at Epcot in their basement. Naturally I insisted they send us a photo of this masterpiece and they did.

JD says "I've attached one we like because it's a good photo of us and we are vain. But I want you to know that it doesn't include 1) the dozens of illuminated stars on the ceiling, 2) the working fountain, 3) the animated projection of clouds passing over a moon on the wall, 4) the ambient sound effects of crashing waves, and 5) the mariachi music with background street chatter playing on a loop."


Alright, we officially have a new couple crush! Anyway, we'll be back next week with a new episode. Thanks for listening!

Peace, Love and Tacos,


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