July 29, 2022

Whatever you do, don't mess with this beast 🐯

Unimpressed Tiger Shirt


I am fond of cats to begin with, but what I appreciate about tigers is that they are notoriously vengeful, an impulse I find very relatable.* Tigers are known to methodically and patiently hunt down anyone who crosses them, and who can blame them? Is there anything sweeter than a well-deserved comeuppance?
Tigers are the world's largest cats, weighing 800 pounds on average. They can also run at 40 miles per hour and their roar can be heard up to two miles away. Total legends!
*Speaking of vengeance, watch this space! We are about to unleash some on people who have been stealing our art, and you can be part of it and get the inside scoop. Details coming next week! 😈
tiger gif
Look at this cute little murder machine. I hope he eats whoever pisses him off.
It's also National Lasagna Day, the favored treat of another famous orange striped cat. I am not sure if tigers go for lasagna, but if you told them it was made from the blood of their enemies I bet they'd at least give it a nibble.
What else is notable about July 29th?
 Rush lead singer/bass player Geddy Lee was born on this day in 1953. Here's hoping he enjoys his day in the (wait for it) limelight.
 Author, actor, and TV personality Tim Gunn was also born on this day in 1953. He served on the faculty of Parsons School of Design, was chair of fashion design at the school, and served as chief creative officer at Liz Claiborne. You probably know him from Project Runway, though.
• Finally, it was on this day in 1958 that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was founded.
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Peace, love, and big cat vengeance,