April 25, 2022

Why do 95% of ocean critters remain undiscovered? 🤔


That nautical dad joke above is our way of letting you know it's World Penguin Day! Here are 5 things you may not know about these dapper birds:

1. Giant penguins once roamed the earth. The ancestors of modern penguins may have been approximately 6 feet tall and weighed over 220 lbs.

2. A group of penguins in the water is called a raft but on land they’re called a waddle.

3. Cartoons have lied to us! Penguins and polar bears never meet up in nature because penguins live south of the equator while polar bears reside north of the equator in the Arctic region!

4. Many male penguins gift female penguins with rocks in order to woo them.

5. Some penguin species mate for life. How romantic!

Penguins marching into a party

Penguins will absolutely crash your house party if given the chance.


Want a few April 25th famous birthdays and historical facts?

• Actor and filmmaker Al Pacino was born on this day in 1940. Having won an Oscar, two Tony Awards, and two Emmys over his five decades of acting, Pacino is a film legend. Hoo-rah!

• Actress Renée Zellweger was born on this day in 1969. She is best known for appearing in films like Jerry MaguireEmpire RecordsChicago, and the Bridget Jones movies.

• Jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald was born on this day in 1917. Sometimes referred to as the "First Lady of Song" or "Queen of Jazz," Ms Fitzgerald is famous for recording songs like "Dream a Little Dream of Me," "Cheek to Cheek," and  "It Don't Mean a Thing 
(If It Ain't Got That Swing)."

It was on this day in 1953 that Francis Crick and James D. Watson published their groundbreaking findings about the molecule containing genetic information and described the double helix structure of DNA for the first time.

It was also on this day in 1792 that the guillotine was first used in France; how gruesome.


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Peace, love, and penguins,



Anne looking tired of everyone else's sh!t in her Hell Is Other People v-neck tee!

1. What's your actual day job and what's your dream day job?

My day job is working in the County Jail as a mental health professional. We usually have well over 1,000 inmates in the jail here in Albuquerque everyday, so it's nonstop and more often than not heart-breaking.

I have been a therapist for about twenty years now — most spent in correctional settings. Our criminal justice system is in dire need of a complete overhaul — I have seen people stuck in jail for traffic violations for months, I have seen homeless people stuck in jail for months with a $5 bond. Why?!

My dream job would be to get paid to sit on the beach and read. But a very secluded beach — after all, Hell is other people!

2. What's your biggest pet peeve?

When serial killers cut peoples' faces off and wear them on their own face. It is disgusting, unsanitary, creepy as hell, and so uncalled for.

(Editor's note: Agreed!)

3. What's a book you think the Boredwalk community should read?

Hmmmm...about 6 just popped into my head as soon as I read that question, but let's go with Dostoyevsky's Notes from Underground. The insight into human nature in that book is astounding.

4. If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

It's a toss up between being able to shoot lasers out of my eyes and being able to heal others peoples' pain. The evil part of me would love to just be able to inconspicuously shoot lasers out of my eyes at Proud Boy rallies, monster truck shows, etc., ...but the good part of me would love to be able to just touch someone and make all their psychic pain go away. There is too much pain in the world.

5. You can curse your nemesis with a minor annoyance for eternity; what do you choose?

Having to listen 24/7 to "Chanel Vintage" by Metro Boomin'/Young Thug/Future. I would give them 1.5 days max before they break.

6. What experience do you most want to cross off your bucket list?

Seeing the Northern Lights in one of those little bubble things up in Canada.

7. Clear up a misconception (about your job, where you are from, some other topic you know a lot about).

Murderers being seen as the worst of the worst. I read stuff like "you will likely walk past 36 murderers in your lifetime and not even know it." People are people and some make really fucked up choices but they are no different than you or I when you talk to them.

8. Make a prediction about something you think has a reasonably good chance of happening in the remaining months of 2022.

I hope that Putin's power is brought down to zero after his Ukraine massacre. I hope Trump goes to jail. I wish these were not just mere hopes but were actual facts.

9. Where can the rest of the Boredwalk community find you?

I do not do social media at all, so best bet would be to find me at the dog park. I wish everyone peace, love, success, and health always. Be excellent to each other!