September 28, 2017

5 Things You Didn't Know About Boredwalk

Here at Boredwalk we love sharing our favorite recipes, Spotify playlists, and quirky facts with you. This week we thought we'd offer a little behind the scenes peek at some interesting Boredwalk facts, both about our brand and Meredith and Matt, the two creative minds behind Boredwalk.

1. Does Matt have a secret X-Men style superpower?
Matt is a super recognizer, a talent that exists in about 1% of the population and it means that Matt is unusually good at recognizing and remembering faces. Disguises or changes in appearance over time don't fool him. He's not thrown off by aging, facial hair, changes to hair color, body weight, or light-to-moderate plastic surgery. He'll remember an actor he once saw as a kid in a commercial 20 years ago, even if the person looks pretty different today. He could probably have a career in the CIA recognizing spies, but he'd much rather design shirts about tacos. Or kittens. Or kittens eating tacos.

2. Does Boredwalk have a mascot?
Not an official one, but Matt and Meredith have two fuzzy best friends, Bigby and Oliver, who sometimes pop up in our social media feeds and often give us inspiration for our designs with their silly antics. Oliver even modeled for one of our cats in sunglasses designs. Here's Bigby angling for some pizza:

Boredwalk Team Pizza Women's V-Neck T-Shirt

3. How does the Boredwalk crew get natural-looking smiles for photos?
You might think some of the shots we share on social media are candid, but none of them actually are. Most of us aren't great at making natural faces for the camera; usually the snap of a shutter makes us stiff and awkward. To get around this predisposition, we tell each other dad jokes. The jokes we exchange are so bad that they're bound to produce a genuine smile. If you're trying to take better selfies with friends, give this strategy a try, it actually works!

4. Obviously you guys love tacos, but if push comes to shove, what is your favorite thing to eat?
Matt: Nana's pierogi. My grandma's no longer with us, but we did make a point to visit her several times over the years and spend the day following her around the kitchen taking notes of how she made various dishes (Nana was not one for measuring), including chicken noodle soup, borscht, and those pierogi. They take a long time to make, and even our vegan version is no bueno for your arteries or your waistline (fried dough is still fried dough), so we only make them every few years, but they're dope AF and worth the wait (and weight) every single time.

Meredith: Roasted cauliflower, all day long! Matt does an amazing yet simple roast with salt, pepper, olive oil, garlic gloves, and shallots, but I also love to spice it up with some buffalo sauce & vegan bleu cheese dressing every now and then:

Boredwalk You're The Boss Buffalo Sauce Unisex Tank Top Buffalo Cauliflower

5. What one thing do you want Boredwalk fans to know about you guys as brand owners?
We want you to be happy. Not just with your tees, tanks, sweatshirts, etc. — we want you to be pleased as punch with your whole shopping experience with Boredwalk. We're a small company; when you call, email, or message/tweet/comment at us on social media, most of the time you're talking to Matt. We try to reply as soon as possible, but sometimes we do need to put our phones down to eat, sleep, or cuddle Bigby & Oliver. Rest assured, we will reply within one business day, no matter what.

Need something by a certain date? Let us know the size, color, style, desired delivery date, and the shipping address before you place your order. We'll do everything in our power to help you out (but do please try to plan ahead whenever possible). If we can't reasonably guarantee it, we'll be honest with you from the get-go about the limitations of time, space, and the US Postal Service.

We also are constantly working to make the website better — making sizing charts easier to find & read, making it easier to search and shop, and taking input from you beautiful people! Not every fan-submitted idea gets turned into a t-shirt design...but some of them do! We also recently added PayPal as a payment option thanks to fan feedback, added a link on every product page for fans to request a custom shirt style if our standard offerings aren't to your liking, and are always thinking of new design and product ideas to keep things fresh, fun, and on-trend for you.

Ultimately, we don't think of you as customers, and our relationship with you isn't just transactional. We're not faceless, and neither are you. You have a lot of options available to you when it comes to shopping online, and we truly feel honored when you choose to spend your money with us. That makes you a fan. In return, it's only right for us to ship you the very best graphic apparel & accessories we possibly can. 

That said, we're not perfect; mistakes do happen (though rarely). If there's ever an issue with your order, let us know. We'd love the opportunity to make it right.

Now...what would you like to know about Boredwalk? Send us your questions via email, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, etc., and we'll share it and the answers with the rest of the class!

Until next week...

Peace, love, and tacos,