August 30, 2018

Adventures In Hiring, A New Podcast Episode, And Other Stuff!

This week has been a doozy here at Boredwalk HQ, gang! Here's what's been going on:

Fancy condenser microphone - original photo by Kelly Sikkema

More podcast! We received largely positive feedback on our first podcast episode, so we decided to spring for a schmancy microphone and record another one! To listen on Libsyn, click here. To listen on Google Play Music, click here. To listen via RSS feed, click here. We've also submitted to (and been approved by) iTunes, but those lazy layabouts like to take their sweet time indexing new shows, so it might be a day or two before it's searchable there. If enough of you complain about SoundCloud we'll add it there. If you're the sort of maniac who listens to podcasts on Twitter, here you go. Like heaven, Spotify can wait.

Ski lift trash panda - original photo by Gary Bendig

Things we discuss in this week's episode: ski lifts built by raccoons, Vietnamese-style coffee, 19th century kangaroo memes and the laws that killed them, bizarre cover bands, food festival fails, and a brief Q&A with our production specialist Sarah about what it's like working at Boredwalk. We also discuss stuff we're working on and future plans for the podcast. Exciting!


We're hiring! We currently have two full-time positions open — one for a production assistant, and another for an e-commerce specialist. Details for both can be found here if you or someone you know in the Los Angeles area might be interested. Pro-tip: Interested parties should pay close attention to (and follow) all application instructions. Failure to do so might (re: definitely will) result in us ignoring you. No offense, people-who-don't-follow-directions, but it's really a must-have around here.

We added two new products: duffel bags and messenger bags. They're really durable, very stylish, and feature many of the graphics you've come to know and love!

We've also added some new designs!

Boredwalk Voting Is For Lovers Shirt

Boredwalk Hecate Made Me Do it Pagan Halloween Shirt

• Aunt & Uncle II: Electric Boogaloo! Shout out to our very first nephew (human division), Oliver! Sis-in-law Beth delivered the goods like a champ — figuratively and literally — and hooked our niece Annarose up with her very own baby bro!

We'd be remiss if we didn't also welcome our most recent niece (non-human division) into the fam as well: say hey to the goodest girl we know, Daisy!


 That's it until next week! We hope you all have a fantastic Labor Day weekend, and we'll be back next week!

Peace, love, and tacos,