April 25, 2019

An earnest (yet funny!) discussion of ideas with Andrew Ti of Yo, Is This Racist?

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Have you ever had one of those weeks where you were extraordinarily busy, yet feel as though you got nothing done? I sure have — I just finished one, and you know what? They are the FREAKING. WORST.

If you're one of the lucky so-and-so's that subscribes to our email newsletter and received the one I sent out on Tuesday you're probably thinking to yourself "um, Matt? I was promised a new design today. As sweet as I may be on Satan, that is OLD NEWS. I don't care that it's only three day-old news! As the bard* says, 'what have you done for me lately?'"

*In this context, the bard = Ms. Jackson — but only if you're nasty. 

I know! I'm sorry. 

In my defense, I've spent the last few days wrestling with Facebook and Instagram. Which is actually very difficult given that a.) there are two of them, so I was outnumbered, and b.) both are intangible entities that exist solely in the digital realm!

How did I fare? Undecided. Check back next week to learn the outcome! Plus I'll have new art to share — promise!

Despite my frustrating week, we still have a fresh podcast episode for you thanks to some shrewd planning ahead last week and an awesome editing job courtesy of our producer Mary (follow her on Twitter to laugh!) We're joined by Andrew Ti, and he's kind of a big deal!

For the uninitiated, Andrew is the creator and co-host of the Yo, Is This Racist? podcast, which was born out of the blog of the same name. On it, Andrew and his co-host Tawny Newsome chat with each other and their guests about race and other social issues as prompted by listener- and reader-submitted voicemails and emails posing hypothetical and/or real world conundrums pertaining to racism in an effort to (humorously, if not always definitively) determine if the act, thought, or utterance in question is, in fact, racist.

In this episode Meredith and I chat with Andrew about the genesis of Yo, Is This Racist?, his background as it led him from his home state of Michigan to New York City and now to sunny Los Angeles, his career arc thus far as a blogger, podcaster, and writer for Comedy Central, and current topics like the subtle systemic racism, misogyny, and homophobia inherent in largely progressive industries like film, television, and music, and the at times annoying/tiresome virtue signaling of the far-left. He also explains that while he is happy (or at least begrudgingly willing) to help guide well-meaning (if tone-deaf and at times culturally insensitive) allies navigate what is and isn't racist, he is not in the business of redeeming or converting intentional racists and bigots. Nor should he be!

Given the weighty topics described above you might think this is going to be a bummer of an episode, but fear not! We actually laugh a lot throughout, and we think you'll really love our entertaining — and enlightening — discourse. Enjoy!

That's it for this week. Like I said, I'll be back on Tuesday with another Boredwalk Community Q&A and a fresh design (I mean it this time!), and on Friday with another new design and podcast ep, so be sure to check back often! Have a fantastic weekend, and as always...

Peace, love, and tacos,