May 12, 2023

👽 Do you remember the 1990s? 📼


If you can remember a time when you listened to your CDs on a Discman, stayed up late to watch Liquid Television, and everyone around you was quoting Wayne's World, you NEED our new 1990s activity book!
If your Gen X/Millennial brain needs less time with TikTok and more time with grunge rock, this fun blast from the past is perfect for helping you put down your phone and reminisce about the days of Beanie Babies, slap bracelets, and Crystal Pepsi.
Our 1990s activity book is loaded with puzzles, trivia, coloring pages, and creative writing prompts inspired by the last decade of the 20th century. You can take a trip down memory lane on your own or even share with friends who also probably forgot to feed their Tamagotchis and chatted with strangers on AOL back in the day.
Chris Farley high fiving Adam Sandler gif
You and your bestie after you both order copies of Boredwalk's new 1990s activity book
Want some amusement while you wait for your new 90s activity book to arrive? Check out the newest episode of the Boredwalk podcast! This week Boredwalk Josh and Grace from the content team talk about theme parks, "manifesting" things, Boredwalk fan's pettiest moments, phobias, and they answered a few questions from our Delve Deck. Listen on your favorite podcasting platform or, even better, watch them on YouTube!
OK, let's kick off the weekend with a bunch of May 12th birthdays and historical facts to impress your friends (or randos at the supermarket checkout) with:
• Born on this day: actress Katharine Hepburn (1907), British nurse Florence Nightingale (1820), songwriter Burt Bacharach (1928), comedian George Carlin (1937), actor Ving Rhames (1959), actor Emilio Estevez (1962), skateboarder Tony Hawk (1968), artist/poet Edward Lear (1812), actor Jason Biggs (1978), and actor Rami Malek (1981)
 Manitoba became a Canadian province on this day in 1870
 Track Records released Are You Experienced by the Jimi Hendrix Experience on this day in 1967
• Pulp Fiction, starring John Travolta, Uma Thurman, and Samuel L. Jackson premiered at the Cannes Film Festival on this day in 1994
Pour one out for: Swiss artist/designer H.R. Giger, who ceased bringing biomechanical nightmares to life this day in 2014. Best known for creating the aliens from the Alien and Species film franchises, Giger also was notable for his album artwork for recording artists Celtic Frost, Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, Danzig, and Deborah Harry
Also pour one out for Neo-Dada/Abstract Expressionist artist Robert Rauschenberg, who shuffled off the coil this day in 2008. His work — predominantly "combines" of painting and sculpture — anticipated the Pop art movement of the 1960s.
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Peace, love, and nostalgia,