February 06, 2023

Gettin' twiggy with it 🥢


Alright, now that you're done groaning at my punny subject line, go order your favorite sushi, ramen, or stir fry and chew on these interesting facts about chopsticks:
 Chopsticks evolved from twigs over 5,000 years ago! People in China were cooking food in large pots that did a good job of retaining heat, but it also meant it took a while for the food to cool before anyone could eat. To avoid burns (and waiting too long to eat), people would break twigs off trees to retrieve bits of food and this eventually led to the chopsticks we know nowadays.
 Using chopsticks engages over 50 different joints and muscles, so eating your ramen is basically a workout. I'm ordering takeout and skipping the gym, who's with me?!
• The original name for chopsticks in Chinese, "kuai-zi," translates to "quick little fellows," but the name "chopsticks" in English evolved from the expression "chop chop," meaning "fast" in Chinese Pidgin English
Karate kid catching fly with chopstiks gif

Despite what you may have been led to believe by certain 1980s movies, chopsticks are not very effective pest control.

GIF via The Karate Kid


 Want some notable Februrary 6th birthdays and historical facts to impress people with? Here are a few...

• Born on this day: baseball player Babe Ruth (1895), singer-songwriter Bob Marley (1945), and singer-songwriter Rick Astley (1966)

• On this day in 1778 France recognized the USA and signed the Treaty of Alliance in Paris, making it the first US treaty ever
• Michael Jordan made his signature slam dunk from the free throw line on this day in 1988, inspiring the creation of the Air Jordan brand and the corresponding "Jumpman" logo
• Finally, on this day in 1959 the first microchip was patented by Jack Kilby
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Peace, love, and chopsticks,