December 05, 2019

Ghost impregnations and Renaissance raccoons.

Boredwalk Be The Strange You Want To See In The World Hoodie - Hooded Sweatshirt - Sweater

No new designs this week, as we're all working hard to get your orders printed, packed up, and shipped out as fast as we can (within reason.) In the meantime, admire our classic Be The Strange You Wish To See In The World design printed on one of our soft, cozy, and warm hoodies! It's a fitting complement to this week's podcast episode, which is a little on the strange side.

This week we peel the curtain back on how businesses feel about Black Friday & Cyber Monday (hint: we hate them), share a review, discuss the mechanics and consequences of ghost humping, lament the fact that a raccoon with delusions of grandeur has a more successful art career than we do, and read your Question of the Day comments. I also rant about laugh tracks for a bit. Enjoy!

I am hoping to get at least one new design completed for next week, but in the event that does not happen, don't fret! Meredith and I will still be making time to write (presumably) funny emails, post (hopefully) entertaining Questions of the Day on Facebook & Instagram, post (decidedly droll and dour) musings on Twitter, and record a new and innovative podcast episode ("new" in the temporal sense; "innovative" in the sense that we will be saying things into microphones we've never uttered into microphones before. Every episode is limited edition!)

Speaking of limited edition, as I mentioned above, this week we elected to embarrass ourselves even more than usual by streaming our recording of the podcast on Instagram Live! If you're on Instagram and are interested in being part of this ill-fated experiment, be sure to follow us! It was an inauspicious first step to be sure, but we'll do it a few more times to see if we can't get our act together and really buff it to a shine (or at least a moderately acceptable dullness.) What could possibly go wrong?

We also talked a bit about our new Ambassador program and the benefits thereof, give you our wishlist for the holiday season, and — speaking of wishlists — properly announce our new wishlist feature. That all probably sounds pretty boring...but that's only because I left out the parts about free merch and easy money. You'll have to listen to hear the juicy bits!

Finally, I hope you've had an OK week. Doesn't have to be amazing or great or even just good. I just hope that you're doing OK and have had a similarly OK week. Let's all keep those expectations manageable, delight in the instances wherein they're exceeded, and try our hardest not to spiral too deeply into self-hate when they fall short of the middle. I know: homework? Boo!

Peace, love, and grudging personal growth,