September 16, 2022

Haters to the left...🥑


I know not everyone appreciates avocados, but that just means more avocados for me. Everything is terrible, and the only solace is a heaping plate of nachos with buttery yet spicy guac, tangy salsa, and gooey melty cheese. Gimme!
Today also happens to be Teenager Workout Day, to which I say "work out if you want to, teens, but also feel free to eat nachos!"
I'm a little envious of modern teens to be honest. For all the ills of the internet, there's plenty of quality content out there encouraging teens (and the rest of us) to love the skin we're in and not stress about arbitrary beauty standards. It's a far cry from my formative years of rice cakes, Crystal Light, SlimFast, and this monstrosity below. ⬇️
Get In Shape Girl 1980s Gif
If toy companies tried to sell this nonsense to kids today everyone would riot, and rightfully so! When I was a kid parents were like "hmm... how can I make my pre-pubescent daughter more appealing to the male gaze?" This product was not marketed to boys because, well, you know...
New products (and our next secret video for our vengeance supporters) are in the works and coming next week. We're getting into gifting season, so we're working on a few gift products that we'll be unveiling soon. In the meantime you can pick up some Boredwalk merch right now and score free shipping on US orders of $50+ with discount code GIMME — today only!
Quick aside to our friends outside the US & Canada who have been patiently waiting for us to resume shipping outside of North America — we're sorry it is taking so long to figure this out, but it is absurdly complex in the post-Brexit paradigm, which has impacted our ability to easily ship into not just the UK but other regions around the world. Rest assured we ARE working on it!

We hope we can get this sorted and open things back up to international customers in the next 2-3 weeks to allow plenty of time for holiday gifts to reach you this fall/winter.
Want to kick off your weekend with a few historical facts and famous birthdays from September 16ths of yore? Of course you do!
• Born on this day: singer-songwriter/actor Nick Jonas (1992), singer-songwriter B.B. King (1925), rapper Flo Rida (1979), soft rock singer-songwriter Richard Marx (1963), magician David Copperfield (1956), actress Lauren Bacall (1924), and SNL alums/comedians/actresses Amy Poehler and Molly Shannon
• On this day in 1810 Mexico declared independence from Spain after 300 years of Spanish rule
 General Motors was founded on this day in 1908 by carriage-maker William C. Durant
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Peace, love, and guac,