October 18, 2018

Have you heard the terrible news?

Literally months in the making, it's finally here: the inaugural edition of our journal of ill repute! We know we've been talking your ears off about this magazine, but let us assure you — it's worth it. Especially since we're selling it so cheap!

Almost as exciting as this glorious publication itself? We went full Hollywood and produced a commercial for it. Check it out!


I smell an Emmy. Or at the very least a Kids Choice award. I mean...if that doesn't immediately make you want 10 copies of your very own, what will?

Since these are quarterly volumes, they're limited edition. Once we sell out of volume one, it's gone for good, so be sure to snap up your copy posthaste! 

We also have a new podcast episode to caress your earholes:

 In it we share a customer review, reveal how we send customer complaints in our own household, read an excerpt from the magazine, and go over some recent additions to the Boredwalk product line, among other stuff. See below for a taste!

Wake Up And Smell Disappointment

That's it until next time! Hope you have a great weekend, and as always,

Peace, love, and tacos,