April 04, 2019

How do you solve a problem like grammar rage? A well-timed siesta, of course.

Boredwalk Siesta Por Favor Funny Nap Shirt
Well, here we are — another week in the books, and a freshly-minted month underway.

I don't know about you guys, but we had a pretty hectic March here at Boredwalk HQ. So hectic, in fact, that I just couldn't take it anymore and flew into a (comical) tantrum on this week's podcast about grammar fails on the internet. It was a sure sign that somebody needed a siesta, which is what informed the sweet new Siesta Por Favor shirt design above. Don't worry — it's available in other colors, too. 😉

To hear me and Meredith rage out about antonyms and homonyms, lambaste wack street names for medical conditions (and the insane Big Pharma ads that coin them), and other musings — like why Joan Jett is cooler than you or I or anyone else this side of Prince and David Bowie will ever be — give it a listen! And shout-out to our producer Mary for a kick-ass editing job! You should all follow her on Twitter — she's very funny!

We'll be back next week with more fun new designs, a new podcast episode, and more! And in case you've been absent for the last few weeks (*sniff* how could you?!), take a gander at our other recent additions below — just in time for warm spring weather!

Peace, love, and naps,


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