September 30, 2022

😮 If you're gonna spill the tea... 🍵


Happy...National Hot Mulled Cider Day?!
Look, I enjoy a hot spiced cuppa as much as the next fall beverage enthusiast, but if this is how September is choosing to wind itself down it's just as well that it only hath 30 days. I didn't know that quiet quitting extended to calendar months, too, but here we are.
At least we're entering the BEST MONTH OF THE YEAR in style with the disarmingly ominous new kitchen towel set up top, perfect for sopping up spilled tea, cider, or other Spooky Season fluids!*
* I'm referring to (fake?) blood here, obviously. Get your mind out of the gutter!
In fairness, September probably just wants to skedaddle as quickly as possible to make way for October and save itself the embarrassment. 
I mean, just look at this Murderer's Row of autumnal awesomeness:
• Oktoberfest
• Playoff baseball
 sigh NFL games, if you insist
• Pumpkin spice everything
• Comfortable weather
• Streaming services loaded with horror classics
• Loads of candy
• The ability to wear black for 31 straight days without all those garishly-garbed shiny happy sartorial twits judgmentally criticizing our wardrobe choices
• Freakin' HALLOWEEN
Given all that, who can really blame September for phoning it in as it sullenly skulks out the door? I'd do the same thing if I were an abstract and arbitrary unit of time perpetually living in the orange & black-hued shadow of seasonal GREATNESS.
Cabbage patch dancing jack o lantern gif

Cabbage patch it up, li'l jack o' lantern. You've waited long enough!

GIF courtesy of DomCake


Want a few September 30th famous birthdays and historical facts? Of course you do!
• In 1939 NBC broadcast the first televised American football game
• In 1947 the first televised World Series game aired. It was also the first World Series game to include an African-American player — Jackie Robinson — which made it the first World Series to feature a racially integrated team, the Brooklyn Dodgers
• In 1962 activist James Meredith became the first Black student admitted to the racially segregated University of Mississippi following the intervention of the federal government. September 30th was a rough day for bigots! Guess it's not so bad after all.
• Birthdays were had by jazz drummer & bandleader Buddy Rich (1917), writer Truman Capote (1924), Holocaust survivor & Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel (1928), crooner Johnny Mathis (1935), Buffalo Springfield drummer Dewey Martin (1940), T. Rex frontman and all-around glam-rock god Marc Bolan (1947), actress Fran Drescher (1957), mean girl Lacey Chabert (1982), and rapper & auto-tune enthusiast T-Pain (1984)
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