February 01, 2023

I'm sorry, but I cannot 😩


If the modern world makes one more demand of me I'm going to snap and go live in the woods with the bears. I am tired. I don't want to change my passwords, I want to hibernate.
I know there are password manager tools, but they get hacked too, so it seems like I'd be paying for something that can't even guarantee it will solve the only problem it claims to solve! Guess I'll just keep track of 100 alt spellings for passwords in my brain until I die. Did you remember to use one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one special character, one number, and one drop of toad saliva? Are we having fun yet?!
gif with someone trying to create a password

Me trying to reset a password (at this point they are mostly just me cursing the website that is making me do it).

GIF via 99PercentDone


Today also marks the start of Black History Month, and below I've got a sampling of February 1st history (Black and otherwise), plus a few famous February 1st birthdays:
• Born on this day: singer-songwriter Harry Styles (1994), martial artist Ronda Rousey (1987), actor Brandon Lee (1965), actor Clark Gable (1901), poet Langston Hughes (1901), actor Michael C. Hall (1971), comedian Abbi Jacobson (1984), actress Sherilyn Fenn (1965), and Lisa Marie Presley* (1968)
* Ms Presley just passed away last month, RIP
• On this day in 1865 President Abraham Lincoln signed the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, thereby abolishing slavery
• On this day in 1960 four black students staged the first of the Greensboro sit-ins at a lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina
The Beatles had their first number one hit the US with "I Want to Hold Your Hand" on this day in 1964
• Finally, Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir was elected as the first female Prime Minister of Iceland on this day in 2009, becoming the first openly gay Head of Government in the modern world
Alright, you've waited long enough — on to the links!
We asked Boredwalk fans what mundane things seem like wizardry and then the Boredwalk team made a video about it!
This artist made a very impressive dragon puppet that perches on her shoulder and interacts like a living creature.
Admire these adorable lion cubs navigating across a river in clumsy but cute style.
This artist makes custom 3D portrait sculptures of pets and the results are stunning.
Don't click if you don't like spooky dolls, but if you do, you'll love this 60-second documentary about this artist who gives dolls horror makeovers.
OK! We'll be back here in your inbox on Friday with our NEW BOOK, more nonsense holidays to dissect, more notable birthdays (and maybe even some notable deathdays!) to celebrate, and more witty content in general. Don't miss it! Until next time...

Peace, love, and passwords,