October 17, 2019

Malaise & Ennui: two bland tastes that taste bland together.

Boredwalk Hard Pass Hoodie

Well, here we are. We've made it through yet another week still breathing. As to whether or not that's something to cheer about I'll leave to you, dear reader. Some weeks go by and it's very easy to just shrug your shoulders and think "yay?"

It's tough to muster much joy around Boredwalk HQ right now. We're dealing with (yet another) rash of criminals selling cheap knock-offs of our stuff on Amazon (among other places on the web.) An American civil rights hero and United States Representative named Elijah Cummings died yesterday morning, and we had not one, but TWO power outages at the office yesterday that ground production to a halt and prevented me from working on a new design. Hopefully that sweet-looking Hard Pass hoodie up there looks fetching enough to tempt you. If not, I guess there's always next week. Fingers crossed our utility company gets its shit together by then!

In other news, we do have a new giveaway starting soon! Be sure to check back next week for details on the prizes and how to enter!

Finally, we have a fresh podcast episode for your listening pleasure! Here are a few highlights:

• We share a review and read some choice comments from recent Question of the Day posts

• We discuss how criminals stealing our art impacts our business and makes it very difficult to feel motivated to create new art

• We ponder the inexplicable optimism exhibited by humans that continue to procreate in the face of climate change and kleptocratic governmental chicanery

• We relate an anecdote about scaring off door-to-door Bible-thumpers

• We discuss how journalists are like middle managers (in a good way)

We hope you enjoyed it. We'll be back on Tuesday with details on the aforementioned giveaway, and will (hopefully) have some new designs to share — provided I can bring myself to create new stuff. Again: fingers crossed!

Peace, love, and tacos,


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