March 24, 2023

Saying goodbye 😭


If you're a regular reader of our newsletter, you probably saw my mention earlier this week about the declining health of our ancient familiar Oliver. He actually passed away Tuesday night after I composed that email and we have been in mourning mode ever since.
We were going to have new art this week and we started on some, but we got too sad about losing our best pal of almost 20 years to finish anything. Instead we've spent the rest of the week missing the sweetest, cuddliest, funniest, most adorable cat to ever walk the earth. Everyone who met him loved him, and he even inspired friends who never considered adopting a pet to get their own cats. We will love and miss him forever.
Cat getting a kiss gif
This totally captures his personality. No amount of chin scratches or forehead kisses were ever enough for his liking. 
Because life insists on being both terrible and absurd at the same time, here is a darkly funny scene for you:
We decided we wanted to taxidermy our cat (judge all you like — I want to keep some version of him around*), and to prepare him for the taxidermist he had to be relatively clean and dry.
His last day with us he was messily drinking water, getting it all over his chin, chest, and fore paws. I kept trying to towel him dry but it was a losing battle. When he passed he was fairly soggy, so Matt and I had to blow dry him and brush his fur to clean him up. I am sure we looked insane doing a spa day with our deceased cat, but I have to admit he looked much better when we were done. Then we stuffed him into our freezer where he remained until the taxidermist came to collect him yesterday morning. You know, typical couple stuff.
The vet tech who had been helping us give him fluid treatments the last few years sent her condolences and said "he's in a better place." We both looked at each other and chuckled. "Is the freezer a better place? I guess there's less neighbor noise in there, so he has that going for him. Hope he's resting comfortably with the ice cubes and frozen peas."
*I know cremation or burial is more traditional, but there is nothing you can do with your buddy's corpse that isn't distressing. I wanted to be able to pet him forever or possibly reanimate him if I ever improve my necromancy skills. It's good to keep one's options open.
After Ollie was safely ensconced in his chilly holding cell, I asked Matt if I could taxidermy him if he goes first. He groaned and said "only if you don't want to have any friends. Any house guests you invite over will run screaming as soon as they see BodyWorlds (Meredith's Version)." I think what he means is "only if you don't want to have any friends who disapprove of your quirky lifestyle," and I do not. I am going full Miss Havisham meets Norman Bates at some point, and everyone else will just need to deal with it. You heard it here first!
Need something more uplifting than a dead cat? Check out the newest Boredwalk podcast! This week Boredwalk co-founder Matt and Grace from our content team chatted about ADHD, Grace's newfound interest in adopting a cat of her own, Grace's mom's motivational quote collection, and your answers to recent Questions of the Day. Watch the episode on YouTube or listen on your favorite podcasting platform. 
While listening be sure to fix yourself a drink since today is National Cocktail Day. If you abstain, I'm sure mocktails are welcomed. After the week we've had, though, there will definitely be some hard stuff in our tipples today.
Want a few notable March 24th birthdays and historical facts to kick off the weekend? Here are a few...
• Born on this day: actress Alyson Hannigan (1974), actress Kelly LeBrock (1960), actress Lara Flynn Boyle (1970), actress Lake Bell (1979), illusionist/escape artist Harry Houdini (1874), civil rights activist Dorothy Height (1912), actor Steve McQueen (1930), and Great British Baking Show host/judge Mary Berry (1935)
• On this day in 2002 Halle Berry became the first Black actress to win the Academy Award for Best Actress
 Black Canadians got the right to vote on this day in 1837
 Pink Floyd released Dark Side of the Moon on this day in 1973. Here's hoping Oliver was borne on a 'Pillow Of Winds' en route to 'The Great Gig In The Sky.'
OK, that's it for this week! We'll be back here in your inbox on Monday with another email and (hopefully) a fresh customer Q&A! If you'd like to be featured in an upcoming email reply to this and let us know!
Peace, love, and melancholy,