November 14, 2019

Season's Grievances!

Boredwalk Season's Grievances Festivus Hoodie

We're still weeks away from the annual Airing of Grievances around the Festivus Pole, but we couldn't resist getting into the spirit of the season with this week's new Season's Grievances design! We hope it fills you to the brim with holiday eye rolls and shrugs.

This week's podcast episode is chock full of customer shout outs, reviews, and comments from recent Question of the Day posts. We also talk about our recent desert sojourn, and unveil our brand new Boredwalk Ambassador Program! Listen below, and while you do, scroll on down to learn a bit more about this new way to help spread the word about Boredwalk while also saving money on Boredwalk merch, earning cold hard cash, and earn Boredwalk gift cards to score — you guessed it — even more Boredwalk merch!

To learn more about the Boredwalk Ambassador Program — and apply to join, if you're so inclined — just click here!

We'll be back next week with another new design, a new Boredwalk Community Q&A interview, and a fresh podcast episode! Until then...

Peace, love, and grievances,