August 29, 2019

Shoehorns & Shitty Side Salads

Boredwalk Greetings From No One Cares Shirt

You know what I really love? Things that are multifaceted. Stuff that works on multiple levels. Objects and art that can be appreciated at face value purely from an aesthetic standpoint, but that also reveal deeper, more nuanced truths about ourselves and the world in which we live. The high brow masquerading as low brow.

On the face of it, our new Greetings From No One Cares design is simply a well-executed graphic conveying the customary snark and metaphorical eye roll that you've come to know and love. OK, maybe not love per se, but at the very least tolerate. But it's also a commentary on the larger state of the world. 

Does anybody really care? About anything? The older I get, the more I doubt it.

I keep wanting to believe that, as a species, humans are generally "good." That bad apples are outnumbered; that people, on balance, will tend to help rather than harm, and defend the less fortunate rather than attack or otherwise subjugate them. Sadly, I am confronted with evidence to the contrary several times a day.

No one cares about doing their job and doing it well.
No one cares about the Amazon rainforest going up in flames.
No one cares about baby prisons.
No one cares about animal welfare.
No one cares about women's reproductive rights.
No one cares about the steady erosion of gains made by the LGBTQX community.
No one cares about the degradation of democracy at the hands of the moneyed elite and a bumbling con man.
No one cares about gun violence.
No one cares about human rights abuses.
No one cares about sex trafficking.
Greetings from Earth, where no one fucking cares.  

On that chipper note, we have a pretty sweet podcast episode below! This week Meredith and I share a customer review, describe a truly bizarre and raunchy candy commercial, lament the constant and continued theft of our designs, welcome our newest team member Valerie (whose sole job is to combat said theft), and chat with our very funny guest, comedian Abbi Crutchfield!

We talk to Abbi about how she got started in comedy, her preferred tools of self-care, how she connects with fans on social media, her love of a good shoehorn, and those shitty side salads that always come with your takeout orders:

We hope you enjoy the episode!

We'll be back next week with more new designs, another Boredwalk Community Spotlight Q&A, a new podcast episode, and hopefully a less despairing blog post — fingers crossed! Until then...

Peace, love, and caring,


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