July 26, 2018

Smorgasbord! Grab bag! Potpourri!

It was a bit of a struggle to come up with a cohesive blog topic this week...so much so that I've decided "screw it — cohesion is for the birds (and molecular bonds)!"

This week we're presenting a grab bag of sorts, briefly touching on some interesting news items, behind-the-scenes stuff, as well as sharing some of the new designs we've been working on. Let's get to it, shall we?

Blood(y) Moon

Blood Moon by Johannes Plenio
Anyone who's tried to enjoy a nice meteor shower in the middle of the lunar cycle has probably spent at least some time shaking their fist and/or cursing at the great light pollutant in the sky. Not so this afternoon & evening — it's all about the Moon when a lunar eclipse is in the offing!

This year's total lunar eclipse is a bit more special than most because it will be the longest of the 21st century. From start to finish it will last almost four hours, with the totality lasting 1 hour and 43 minutes! That's almost 40 minutes longer than next year's lunar eclipse will be. 

Now, as exciting as this all is, here's the bad news for those of us in North America: we won't be able to see it except via webcasts. The path of the event will be most visible to viewers in Africa, the Middle East, and south Asian regions. I'll be tuning in to the Virtual Telescope Project's cast at 4pm today, broadcast from Rome with the Colosseum in foreground.

Uh...thanks, I guess?

As mentioned in last week's post, we're no strangers to great and/or interesting feedback from our customers. Yesterday we were treated to this rave from Brian S., commenting on one of our Facebook ads:

"I pride myself on my frugabilities (yup) when it comes to the interwebz' wallet-seducing frivolities. That being said, the first time I saw their "Hell Is Other People" shirt I immediately thought that it was the best I could possibly own in my life, and I couldn't be happier with the quality.*
*For the print alone; I would have worn this even if it was loosely woven out of whale shit. [emphasis ours] Thanks for including the free sticker of this new design in my shipment. Cheers."

Hey Brian, we'll take it!

With a little further ado...

Before we get to the new designs, we want to know what YOU all are interested in or curious about? We're always trying to think of fun, interesting, or helpful content to share here on the blog, so let us know in the comments which subjects or topics you think deserve a few paragraphs!

Drumroll, please...

That's it until next week! Have a great weekend, and stay cool out there.

Peace, love, and tacos,