April 18, 2019

Sobriety, Boredwalk style.

Boredwalk Shirley Temple On The Rocks Shirt
Some weeks just drive you to drink, don't they? That's been our experience this week, anyway. Here at Boredwalk HQ we've been boxed out of our own parking spaces for pointless painting, struggling with yo-yo-ing weather (be spring or be summer, dammit!), and lamenting the continued erosion of the U.S. justice system. It's enough to make you want to drink until your heart stops.

Wow. Sorry for that grim detour, folks!

Anyway, we didn't let any of that stop us from releasing two new designs, recording a new podcast episode, AND launching a new giveaway! There's a lot to get to, so let's get organized, shall we?

First, the new designs. Despite wanting to drink ourselves into a stupor, our good sense won out and we decided to show some love for the quintessential non-alcoholic childhood cocktail the Shirley Temple (on the rocks, of course.)

We also got a little self-referential with our new Validation From Strangers design — complete with wifi icon — because that's what posting stuff online is really all about, right?

The Shirley Temple love helps balance out the sticky-icky catnip vibes contained in this week's podcast episode. We had the pleasure of being joined by customer Steven Cole Smith for a fun chat about what it's really like to work in the (legal) cannabis industry in Washington state, changes in the public perception of cannabis, his indie-punk band Loud Sleepers, and his cool new paranormal podcast We Believe You, co-hosted by Steven's wife! Enjoy!

Boredwalk Ready For Spring Giveaway

And finally, don't forget to enter this month's Ready For Spring giveaway! To do so, just click the image above or head over here.

This month we've partnered with some very fun brands to put together a prize pack valued at $450! Definitely not chump change...especially if your tax refund check is going to be lighter than anticipated. Here's what's included:

• $100 gift card from Boredwalk (that's us!)
• $100 gift card from Giant Microbes (adorable plush germs, bacteria, and the like!)
• Black Label Bitch Bundle from Frankie & Myrrh (awesome aromatherapy goodies!)
• 1-Year Jewelry Subscription from mintMONGOOSE (so many baubles!)

Hurry and enter soon, though — entries close on April 26th!

We'll be back next week with more new designs for your hot bod, a fresh podcast episode with a surprisingly high-profile guest, and more fun stuff!

Now, if you'll excuse me...the tacos are calling, and I must go.

Peace, love, and tacos,


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