June 20, 2018

What Can We Do?

Donation Receipt

Like all of you, Matt and I have been horrified by the reporting on immigrant families being split up and children being separated from their parents at the US/Mexico border as a result of the Trump administration's new "zero-tolerance" policy. We made a donation to RAICES this morning but wished we could afford to give more. RAICES is a Texas-based charity that is devoted to providing free and low-cost legal services to underserved immigrant children, families, and refugees in Central and South Texas.

We have decided that from now through July 31st that we will send $1 to RAICES for each shirt that we sell through this website. If you'd like to help us boost our donation budget, grab yourself a new shirt between now and July 31st or spread the word by telling your friends. If you'd like to donate to RAICES directly and skip the shirt, we strongly encourage that, too!

One of the many things that's been so frustrating about this situation is the public outcry of "What can we do?" Right now what we can do is somewhat limited. We can protest, we can contact our lawmakers, we can raise money for charities that help refugees, and we can express our general outrage, but the most important thing we can do is vote! Pledge to vote in November. Pledge to vote in primaries and local elections. Donate some time to the campaign of a candidate that opposes the Trump agenda if at all possible. We can do the most when we have elections, so make election season count by making sure that you vote and doing everything in your power to get the people around you to vote, too!

Peace, love and empathy,

Boredwalk Co-Founder

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