September 23, 2022

You asked for it... 😻


We thought our tiger character was a perfect mascot for our vengeance fund*, but when we first announced the vengeance fund quite a few of you said you wanted a vengeance shirt, so here it is!
We also just added another video to our vengeance series, which you can watch if you buy vengeance OR the shirt up top! The new video details how we got our verified badge on Instagram, and it's thanks to some trolls who tried to falsely accuse us of stealing someone else's art! What made this false accusation so outrageous? The art in question was published YEARS before the art we were accused of copying. You can get all the gory details if you purchase our new vengeance tee or spend as little as $1 on our vengeance fund.
(*In case you don't know what I'm referring to, we deal with people constantly stealing our art. Preventing people from profiting from our labor without paying us is really expensive — thanks for nothing, US legal system! — so we started our vengeance fund to help cover some of those legal expenses. In exchange for your help with those costs, you get access to secret behind-the-scenes videos where we share the gory details about our art theft drama.)
Man playing with fall leaves gif
Today is officially the first day of Fall, everyone's favorite season, so enjoy it while it lasts! Stupid frigid winter will be here to ruin the fun soon enough.
Want a few September 23rd famous birthdays and hisorical facts? Here you go!
• Born on this day: singer/songwriter/musician Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen (1949), actor/Seinfeld alum Jason Alexander (1959), singer/songwriter/musician Ray Charles (1930), and jazz musician John Coltrane (1926)
• On this day in 1889 Nintendo was founded as a card game company (it wasn't until 1981 that Nintendo became a video game brand, with the release of Donkey Kong)

• On this day in 1962 ABC first aired The Jetsons (the first color TV series for the network)
• Finally, on this day in 1909 Phantom of the Opera made its literary debut, first published as a series in a French newspaper
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Peace, love, and vengeance,