June 03, 2019

The Best Feminist Shirts and The Best Feminist Gifts: The Ultimate Feminist Guide.

Looking for the best feminist shirts for a loved one? Need cool feminist gifts for a bestie? In the market for cool feminist t shirts or feminist clothing to add to your wardrobe? You have questions and we have answers. So we've put together the ultimate guide to feminist apparel and feminist gifts. Whether you're searching for an awesome feminist tee to wear to your next women's march, or outfitting a male ally with a comfy hoodie to wear in solidarity against the patriarchy, Boredwalk has you covered!

Ultimate Feminist Gift Guide Best Feminist Shirts Cool Feminist Gift Ideas

Feminist is My Second Favorite F-Word Feminist Shirt

1. What size should I get?

If it’s possible to sneak a peek at your friend or loved one’s closet, see what size they have the most of. While you’re in there, notice if they mostly have unisex crew neck t-shirts, fitted v-necks, or flowy scoops. Maybe they even prefer hoodies or tank tops. Knowing their size and style helps take out the guesswork so you can pick the perfect feminist clothing item for them.

If you must guess, though, you’re in good hands. We offer free exchanges on US orders so your friend or loved one can swap out for the right size with ease. That means you can order the perfect feminist birthday gift, feminist Christmas gift, feminist Hanukkah gift -- or even a general feminist gift for the non-religious atheist in your life -- with peace of mind.

2. Do you sell feminist kids shirts or feminist toddler shirts? What about feminist baby clothes?

Of course we do! We have funny feminist kids shirts for boys, girls, and babies. Our kids feminist shirts are unisex fit and perfect for kids ages 2-12. We also have feminist baby clothes in sizes 6 months through 24 months, so if you need a feminist baby onesie, we've got you covered. For older kids (ages 12 and up) our mens feminist shirts and womens feminist shirts will probably offer the best fit. For a feminist toddler shirt be sure to check out our kids sizes if you need feminist shirts for toddlers; they start at 2T and go up to 5/6T. You can see more feminist kids clothes and feminist toddler clothes here.

Our feminist baby clothes feature a unisex fit, so they make great feminist baby gifts for a baby boy or girl!

Slay the Patriarchy Feminist Shirt3. What if my friend needs a size you don’t carry?

Great news: we can accept orders for off-menu sizes & styles, so we can likely meet your needs for most sizes in feminist clothing. We are a small business, so we only have the budget to keep the sizes that have the most demand in stock, but we don’t want anyone left out, so we can accept orders for off-menu sizes upon request. For more info on ordering off-menu feminist clothing sizes visit our page about off menu ordering.

What Wine Goes With Smashing The Patriarchy Feminist Shirt

4. Do you carry plus size feminist shirts?

We have a few options when it comes to plus size feminist clothing. If you're looking for something more fitted and you're on the smaller side of the plus size spectrum, our womens v-neck and crew neck shirts go up to approximately a size 16. They are designed to be fitted so be sure to read the sizing chart and fit guide for those styles.

For a more relaxed flowy fit, our scoop neck tops are a great option for plus size feminist shirts. They go up to approximately a size 22-24. We also carry unisex fit tees that go up to a 3X, so if your friend likes a more traditional fit adult t-shirt those are also a great option. If you're updating your feminist fashion collection for winter you may want to check out our feminist hoodies and fleece crew neck feminist sweatshirts instead of the feminist t shirts. They're perfect for staying warm and stylish all winter long. They feature a unisex fit and go up to 3X!

Lastly, if none of our plus size feminist shirt options are quite what you need, we offer the option to order off menu sizes. We can typically order up to a size 26 in womens plus size shirts and up to a 7X in unisex sizes!

She-Devil Funny Feminist Shirt

5. I need a cool feminist shirt to wear to the gym. Do you have feminist tank tops?

For feminist outfits to wear to the gym, we recommend our tank tops! Our feminist tank tops are available in a racerback style with a feminine fit and in a traditional unisex fit, so you have a couple of options for styles depending on your taste and desired fit.

Our feminist tank tops make great feminist gifts for the running, cycling, or work out enthusiast in your life. They look cute with yoga pants and are perfect for racking up compliments at the gym or on the hiking trail.

Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Misogynsts Feminist Tank Top

6. My friend is a feminist but she's also sarcastic and has a great sense of humor, do you have any funny feminist tees she might appreciate?

Certainly! We think a lot of our funny feminist shirts are perfect for getting a laugh. Maybe she'd like our "Another Fine Day Ruined by the Male Gaze Feminist T Shirts" or our "The Patriarchy Kills My Vibe Feminist T Shirts."

Male Gaze Feminist Shirt

The Patriarchy Kills My Vibe Feminist Shirt


7. What about feminist apparel for winter? Do you have feminist sweatshirts or feminist sweaters?

Yes! We have a couple of feminist sweatshirt styles. We offer feminist hoodies with a unisex fit and fleece crew neck feminist sweaters that also feature a unisex fit. We also carry womens feminist sweatshirts with a scoop neckline. We are proud to offer fun feminist clothing for any time of year!

Sisters Before Misters Feminist Sweatshirt

8. These feminist t shirts are so cute! How fast can I get my feminist tee?

All our items are handmade and printed to order in-house so it usually does take us a day or two to get orders out, then USPS needs a few days to deliver. On average most US orders arrive in 7-10 days but if you need rush service email us prior to or immediately after placing your order and we’ll try our best to meet your deadline. We’re super quick to reply to emails Monday though Friday between 8am and 7pm. If you email beyond those hours we will still do our best to reply ASAP.

Handmaid's Tale Feminist Shirt

9. You've got some cool feminist tees, but they're kind of expensive.

We get it; we all have a budget to live within, and we do our best to offer quality feminist tees and gifts at a fair price. Our pricing includes free US shipping and free US exchanges. The shipping costs on a single order can be as much as $11 if exchanges are involved for an order of one tshirt, which is a pretty big chunk of our price. We're also a company that's committed to paying all of our employees living wages, so that means charging a few dollars more on our products so we have the budget to do this.

Even with our price point, our feminist tees are still cheaper than a few cocktails at a bar or dinner out at a restaurant. While things like cocktails and dinner can only be enjoyed for an hour or two, our feminist tees and other feminist apparel can be enjoyed for years to come.

If you wore your new feminist shirt once per week for two years that's less than 27 cents per wear, which is a pretty good value if you ask us. Plus you get the benefit of supporting better American wages and independent artists creating unique graphics you can't get elsewhere.

10. So many companies have feminist t shirts, why should I trust yours?

We get it; online shopping can seem like a gamble a lot of the time, and there are plenty of options for feminist apparel. We hate trusting the unknown, too -- in fact, we’ve written a guide about safely shopping online. If you don’t want to take our assurances, check out our reviews and see what thousands of our customers have said about shopping with us.

A few other cool things to know about shopping with us:

  • We’re a woman-owned small business with a majority female staff
  • We are dedicated to paying our employees living wages and have raised thousands of dollars for charitable organizations such as Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and She Should Run
  • We offer free shipping and free exchanges on all US orders, so if you order the wrong size swapping for another size is a breeze
  • We design and print all of our products in-house and we’re pretty obsessed with quality, so if any issues come up with your order let us know and we’ll do our best to make it right.

Yall Need Feminism Shirt

11. My friend isn’t s t-shirt person. Do you have any other gift ideas for feminists?

Sure, this funny feminist notebook is perfect for adding some feminist flair to any desktop.

Feminist ArtWe also have some cute feminist messenger bags for the feminist on the go. They’re perfect for toting books, supplies for a day hike, or essentials for a weekend away. We love these cotton canvas bags because they’re durable, comfortable to carry, and machine washable. They’re also free of any leather components so they make great feminist gifts for vegans or vegetarians.

Feminist Messenger Bag

We also have some cute feminist kitchen towels for the feminist who likes to cook or bake. They’re 100% cotton, machine washable, and add a dose of feminist humor to any kitchen.

Feminist Kitchen Towels

12. How do I get my really conservative Fox News-obsessed relatives to understand feminism?

Oh boy -- that’s a tough one. Showing up to a family gathering showing off your favorite feminist apparel can sometimes be a recipe for arguments. Some people are not open to new ideas, no matter how reasonable. And feminism is actually a very reasonable idea, even for those right-of-center relatives.

Here’s a few reasons feminism should be celebrated across the political spectrum

  • Female empowerment isn’t strictly the province of the left. The first woman on the US Supreme Court was Sandra Day O’Connor, a woman appointed by conservative hero Ronald Reagan.
  • Both political parties benefit from the work of female candidates, staffers, journalists, and activists. Even if you don’t agree with women on the right very often, you can still support their access to education, professional advancement, a harassment-free workplace, and equal protection from discrimination under the law.
  • The whole of society benefits when women have rights. A society's prosperity is consistently linked to women having education and control over their reproductive choices, two core tenants of the feminist movement.
  • Without feminism we’d have missed out on some great contributions from brilliant women. For example, did you know that Kevlar was created by a woman? After Stephanie Kwolek got her degree at Carnegie Mellon University she went on to invent Kevlar, which is used in dozens of safety products including helmets, camping gear, suspension bridge cables and bullet-proof vests! So next time that relative tells you Blue Lives Matter, be sure to let them know about Ms Kwolek's achievements! When women get educated and join the workforce they deliver achievements we all can appreciate, so the more smart people being given opportunities, the better!

Women in STEM Feminist Shirt